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Hungary’s beekeepers are in an advantageous position – compared to the rest of Europe, the country has the most contiguous acacia forests. Thanks to the large number of acacia trees, Hungarian acacia honey has the best quality. Due to the high level of fruit, it keeps its liquid consistency for a long time.

Its mild flavour makes the honey a popular sweetener used in drinks and desserts. Last but not least, acacia honey has an antiseptic effect and is recommended to ease coughing. Nyirség Méz knows everything about Hungary’s acacia honey and its various benefits.

Since its foundation in 1991, everything at Nyirség Méz is about honey. The family-run company is fascinated by working with bees. “Bees have simply conquered my heart,” points out CEO Sándor Fekete. “Back in the early days, I was driven by passion for my job and simply loved what I did. I started working as a beekeeper at the age of 18. At the age of 20, I worked with many older people and I was keen to pass on my enthusiasm for bees. At the end of the day, commitment and passion are crucial driving forces behind any entrepreneurial success.”

Sándor Fekete
Reliability has always had top priority. Our aim is to be a reliable partner; for this reason we do not want to grow at any price. Sándor FeketeCEO

Today, with a headcount of 30 employees, Nyirség Méz exports 2,000 t of honey to Western European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Austria. Even Japan and Australia are among its export markets. The company offers three different honey types – acacia, rapeseed and mixtures to retail chains, industrial companies and various retailers.

Nyirség Méz cooperates with eight to ten integrators; those integrators are in direct contact with around 3,000 Hungarian honey producers. “Our honey is characterized by outstanding purity,” stresses Mr. Fekete. “It is a natural, chemical-free product with a unique flavour. In the past, the role of organic honey has constantly grown. At the moment, we produce 150 t of organic honey per year which is not yet a great deal but we really identify with the concept and philosophy. Bee honey is an essential environmental indicator for pollution. This is why organic products are of the utmost importance.”

Nyirség Méz has come a long way and is keen to further propel its international activities – but not at any price. “We rely on strong partnerships and mutual trust,” says Mr. Fekete. “Reliability always has top priority. This is why we want to grow step by step, healthily and reasonably. We currently work with 3,000 beekeepers; to grow significantly we would need a lot more producers. Due to longer transport distances and increasing costs this does not really make sense. To us, the size of the company is not really decisive. Reliability is what counts. We want to keep promises. These are values that are handed down from generation to generation. We started from scratch and have had difficult times; but despite all the difficulties, it was a rewarding time. Now, my children are ready to accept the challenge of bringing Hungarian honey to the world. “