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Giving data a secure home


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ODN is a successful data center service provider based in Fürth in northern Bavaria, offering individually tailored colocation, hosting, IT security, and cloud and server management solutions. The company was founded as a classic Internet provider in 1997.

“In 2006, we started focusing on the B2B market by establishing ODN as an IT systems house,” explains Marketing Manager Carolin Scheumann, who joined the company about a year ago to enhance brand awareness and market position. In 2015, ODN refocused again by returning to its core competences of secure data storage and management and built one of the most advanced data centers in Germany in Fürth. The TÜV level 3 certified data center was opened in 2016 and ensures maximum infrastructure availability and unrestricted access to all data on a 24/7 basis.

“We guarantee 99.99% availability,” says Ms. Scheumann. “We give data a home. Home is where you can feel secure and comfortable. All data managed by us is absolutely secure, and the customer is comfortable because he is treated as an individual.”

ODN colocation customers can choose between single rack spaces, complete racks or their own cage. A second, smaller data center in nearby Nuremberg focuses on georedundant data backup in case the other site should fail. Both data centers are equipped with high-performance, brand-name hardware, modern fire protection systems, and redundant power supply and cooling solutions.

“We have our own on-site transformer stations to ensure uninterrupted power supply as well as diesel generators for emergency power supply for up to 48 hours. Within this time the fuel supply is guaranteed,” states Ms. Scheumann.

The data centers are connected to the internet through high-speed, dedicated optical fiber lines and are 100% powered with electricity from renewable resources. “We are committed to green IT and have an external air cooling system that covers 87% of the total cooling demand,” Ms. Scheumann describes the company’s sustainable approach to the use of precious resources. “We only cool the racks and not the whole room by means of a cool wall, which sucks in the air and slowly cools it down.”

The whole data center package offered by ODN is complemented by the strictest access regulations. “The building is secured in multiple ways and is completely fenced in,” says Ms. Scheumann. “No one comes in or gets out without proper authorization.”

Carolin Scheumann
We give data a home. Home is where you can feel secure and comfortable. Carolin ScheumannMarketing Manager

What also differentiates ODN from other data centers is the company’s high level of customer orientation. “Every client has different requirements, and we provide every one of them with a genuinely individual solution,” Ms. Scheumann describes the philosophy of ODN. “Every customer has an individual contact to take care of all present and future demands, whatever these may be. There is no need we cannot meet. At the same time, we do not offer anything that is not needed by the customer.”

ODN’s main activity is providing data center services for B2B customers of all sizes, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Two of the best-known clients are Kicker sports magazine and Immowelt real estate agents. ODN also offers IT security services designed to protect the company’s customers against cyber attacks through firewall, DDoS protection, backup and e-mail archiving solutions. The company’s hosting services include both dedicated and virtual servers, which are complemented by high-availability, high-protection cloud solutions. The comprehensive portfolio is rounded off by managed server, managed storage, hosted exchange und managed domain services.

“The amount of data is increasing all the time,” explains Ms. Scheumann. “Data are the most important resource of the 21st century. With our state-of-the-art computing center, we make sure they are perfectly safe and easily accessible, at any time, reliably and individually.”