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Ölmühle Moog has been making premium-quality culinary oils under the brand name Bio Planète since 1984. Originally established in southwestern France, near Carcassonne, the company is known as the first organic oil mill in Europe.

“I took over the mill from my father, Franz J. Moog, and had been living in France until 2004 when I returned to Germany to set up a branch operation in Saxony,” explains Managing Director Judith Faller-Moog. The first product produced by the medium-sized enterprise 35 years ago was sunflower oil. Today, it offers more than 70 first-class, organic edible oils, ranging from classic oils for everyday cooking to gourmet oils for culinary delicatessen and vitality oils for health-conscious diets through to certified Demeter oils. “Edible oils are relevant for both healthy nutrition and culinary pleasure and should be given more importance in every kitchen,” states Ms. Faller-Moog.

Organic farming is the only form of agriculture we will be talking about in 20 years’ time. Judith Faller-MoogManaging Director

Ölmühle Moog is an oil producing business that is truly concerned about sustainable agriculture and organic farming. “Organic cultivation methods and biodiversity are really important to us,” says Ms. Faller-Moog who is genuinely passionate about the topic. “Organic farming is the only form of agriculture we will be talking about in 20 years’ time.”

Ölmühle Moog wants as many people as possible to benefit from naturally grown food. This is why the company is now launching a second brand line, Franz & Co., to address a larger target group. “Oils from Bio Planète are only available in natural food stores,” explains Ms. Faller-Moog. “This will remain like this because it reflects the distribution structure we stand for: long-term partnerships and high-quality, organic produce.

Franz & Co. will offer 17 oils in the beginning which will be marketed through quality-conscious, organically oriented supermarkets. More and more people want to know where the products they buy come from and how they have been produced, particularly with respect to food.”

Franz & Co.’s new brand portfolio will be introduced this October at Cologne’s ANUGA, the world’s largest trade fair for the food and beverages industry. Another Ölmühle novelty is the Oil bar, a self-service filling unit for supermarkets and retailers specialized in unpacked produce. “We are just getting started but in the near future we want to firmly establish ourselves in quality-oriented food retailing. We want to be where nutrition-conscious people are having a pleasurable shopping experience.”