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Facing new challenges


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The United Nations Office in Geneva, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Orléans Regional Hospital Center, the Four Seasons Hotel Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and the Morocco Mall in Casablanca – the list of references of Oger International is impressive and shows its expertise in completing demanding construction projects.

“Among our specialties are projects with a particular level of difficulty which need to be realized under time pressure,” says President Omar Joseph Baroud. “We have demonstrated this ability in a number of projects, and it has become part of our DNA.”

The company was established in the 1950s and focused its business activities on France. In the 1970s, Oger International realized its first projects in the Middle East. With the construction and engineering for a luxury hotel and a conference center in Saudi Arabia, which needed to be finished within nine months, the French company took on a challenge, that other competitors were not willing to face.

“The project was a success and opened doors to many other contracts in the region,” states Mr. Baroud. The firm opened subsidiaries in Morocco, Geneva, Tunisia and Abu Dhabi. “Our international activities are important for us,” explains the President, who was appointed in 2016. “However, we want to focus more on France and Europe in the future. Another part of our strategy is to diversify our customer base.”

Omar Joseph Baroud
We have a very strong management culture and are able to accompany our clients throughout the entire project from A to Z. Omar Joseph BaroudPresident

Oger International is able to handle all stages of the building’s life cycle. The company is able to carry out complete projects on a design and duild scheme from conception to execution. Oger has a lot of experience in both the engineering side of the build, and all the attendant technical aspects, as well as the design side including interior decoration.

“We have a very strong management culture and are able to accompany our clients throughout the entire project from A to Z,” points out Mr. Baroud. “We know how to react to the demands of new markets and economic models. For instance, we have been working with BIM technology for many years and are one step ahead of our competitors in this area. We are always willing to face new challenges to help our clients to turn their visions into reality.”