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A hidden gem in Poland


Peter Wagner knows this very well. In his position as Director of International Cooperation at Górskie Resorty, his primary task is to spread that word about the hidden gems open to worldwide travellers in Poland.

“I have an international track record in the hospitality industry: the Middle East, New York, St. Moritz but I have rarely encountered such great conditions to start brand-new hotel resorts as I have here in Poland. The settings are fabulous, the employees very dedicated and all this is mirrored in the feedback from our guests that they are having a great time with us!”

The growing popularity of the vacation resorts the group Górskie Resorty is developing in the idyllic mountain range near the German border is best reflected in the sheer numbers of accommodations: The Osada Sniezka and the Blue Mountain Resort, which opened on the 1st of July nearby,  can accommodate up to 1,950 guests.

“That sounds like a big number of people crowded into a resort. But our resorts provide a lot of space. The concept of Osada Sniezka for instance is that of a mountain village – a village that is inviting and cozy,” Peter Wagner explains. “And all this comes with a lot of facilities of course, including pools and a spa, sports, a fun park for kids, all embedded in the mountains with loads of fresh air and great conditions for hiking or mountain biking. Families in particular enjoy staying with us. The kids can have fun while their parents relax. The return rate of our guests is very high.”

More recently, companies started discovering the benefits of Osada Sniezka as well for things like product presentations. “Corporate clients know we accommodate their potential customers. And when people are on vacation and enjoy themselves, they are likelier to take a closer look at new products. I think there is more corporate business out there with two new resorts opening up in 2018/19,“ Peter Wagner notes.

Growth keeps Mr. Wagner busy. But he still lives his philosophy: “I think especially in the hospitality industry you have to lead by example. I sometimes sweat the small stuff just like my team members. That for me is the groundwork for success.”

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