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A winning partnership of design and marketing


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That was back in 1971, and this remarkable skill combination remains a firm feature of the company today. It is still owned by the Masciocchi and Cecchele families; the firm is now lead by Roberto Masciocchi, who is responsible for technology and production, and Manuel Cecchele, who takes care of the commercial aspects of the business.

Constant design innovation is supported by creative marketing to ensure that Ossicolor remains a leading name in the field of aluminium components. “This combination has always worked well,” stresses Giuliano Rega, a member of the commercial team at Ossicolor. “Mr. Cecchele researches the latest market trends, and Mr. Masciocchi develops new products accordingly.”

The company produces fittings for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture. “Aluminium is increasingly used because it is versatile and the surfaces can be very successfully treated,” explains Mr. Rega. Ossicolor has a broad portfolio of products, covering oven accessories, backsplashes, door frames, wall panelling, and shelf edgings, as well as horizontal and vertical gola profiles, ventilation grids, handles, LED products, and plinths and frames of all kinds. Although Ossicolor has an extensive catalogue of standard products, the company can also produce customized components to meet clients’ specific requirements.

“We generate around 70% of our turnover with the products in our catalogue,”reveals Mr. Rega. “Nevertheless, we can manufacture special solutions if required.” The product range is highly innovative. “With our systems, you don’t need handles to open and close the cupboards,” continues Mr. Rega. “For example, one of the highlights of our portfolio are the Vertical Gola profiles. This patented element is very elegant; its minimalistic design creates a single line. We also have an aluminium shelf called Size, which can be used anywhere in the house and creates a frame-like effect. LED lighting can be incorporated into many of our products – gola profiles, plinths, and dish rack frames – which looks really stunning. These are all products that we have developed, in consultation with experts such as architects.”

Ossicolor is located in Spormaggiore in northern Italy, and serves a broad Italian client base of furniture manufacturers and distributors; up to 10% of the firm’s eleven million EUR turnover is generated through exports to Germany, France and Spain, as well as the UK, the US, Canada, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia. “I studied languages,” notes Mr. Rega. “One of the reasons I was hired five years ago was to use my language skills to help build out the export market.”

Staying close to new market trends is crucial for anyone in the furniture sector. “The latest trend is definitely towards minimalism,” says Mr. Rega. “Vintage and retro are also popular. We have some special colours which create the retro feeling, for example metal that is given a wood effect to look old, and many natural colours. We can make the aluminium look darker, and even golden if required. This is one of our strengths. We have control of colouring internally; we have a special department for that which makes it faster, more flexible, and our prices are highly competitive. Mr. Cecchele regularly speaks with customers to establish exactly what the market wants.”

Six years ago, Ossicolor was turning over six million EUR per year. Today that has almost doubled. “We are breaking all our own records relating to turnover and sales at the moment,” says Mr. Rega proudly. “Naturally, our goal is to maintain this trend. We are investing in a new plant, and expanding our export market is also high on the agenda. We continually strive for higher standards and new innovation, and this will be the key to continued success in the future.”

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