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The way we see dairy


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“We are dedicated to quality,” says Jukka Vihavainen, Chief Commercial Officer at Maitomaa. “Since we focus so heavily on the health and happiness of the animals we work with, we know our milk and butter is the best they can give.”

After decades of sole focus on milk, Maitomaa decided to widen its product range and now offers butters, cheeses, functional foods, high-protein drinks, and healthcare drink products and more. This expanded range of product offerings comes at a time when milk consumption is decreasing annually in Europe, with many people choosing plant-based drinks as alternatives.

“We are a top brand in Finland and will also be one in Europe in the future,” says Indran Samarakone, Export Director at Maitomaa, “Despite the global trends, we know our taste and our quality keep us and dairy extremely relevant.”

Maitomaa works on a collaboration system, meaning farmers can join as part owner of the company. At 170 strong, this mode of inclusivity with famers allows them to strengthen their individual power as well as the power of the collective, while building good relationships that boost aspects such as stable deliveries.

Maitomaa is well-known for its high level of technology, and is celebrated across the industry for innovative practices. With state-of-the-art research and development centers, Maitomaa places emphasis on answering the needs of the business, especially when it comes to packaging and sizes.

Jukka Vihavainen, CCO at Osuuskunta Maitomaa
We care about the people and the animals equally. For us, both need to be happy, and that has made all the difference. Jukka VihavainenCCO

“While we do cater to the local market, we are keen also to further the relationships with our international customers who export our products,” says Mr. Vihavainen. Its focus on reliability and dedication is what has driven Maitomaa in the past and what will drive it in the future, as it looks to grow its presence through Finland and Scandinavia, and also into private labels throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and more of Europe.

“Our business policy, our management, and our focus on the well-being of our employees and animals are mirrored in the European Wellfare Quality certificate we hold as a company, and we strictly adhere to its standards,” says Indran Samarkone. “Those are the things that make us who we are. Here in Finland, people still live in harmony. It’s a friendly environment and we perpetuate that atmosphere in our workplace and our culture.”

Despite a future full of consumer uncertainty about what it is they want, Maitomaa is certain about its commitment to delivering the highest quality products, be they dairy or plant-based, while maintaining the utmost integrity with its employees and animals.

“We seek innovation,” says Mr. Vihavainen “It’s who we are and what we believe will keep this industry strong and safe, even as we transition through new times where new things are tried. New innovations might be uncomfortable at first, but they are what push us to achieve and reach levels we didn’t know were possible.”

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