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Filling forerunner


PACK’R designs and manufactures automatic filling and capping machines for liquid and semi-liquid products. The company’s speciality is filling solutions for viscous, hazardous and volatile materials, such as chemicals, lubricants and varnishes.

The comprehensive equipment range includes highspeed filler cappers, compact filling machines, flexible/indexing fillers, IBC and drum filling machines as well as bottling line equipment. Based in Beaucouzé in western France, PACK’R has subsidiaries in Atlanta, USA, and Singapore.

The company has 100 employees and annual sales of 15 million EUR. PACK’R is particularly experienced in filling systems for explosive liquids carrying the EX – or ATEX – label. PACK’R exports 85% of its filling machines to customers all over the world.

“Our machines include high-precision weight-filling systems,” says Managing Director Didier Bessard. “We fill according to weight and not volume. This way, our customers can save a lot of money as most of the liquids are rather expensive.”

PACK’R is constantly innovating in order to further expand its position as a filling specialist. “We are designing intelligent machines that are easy to use and support remote maintenance,” states Mr. Bessard. “At the same time, we are expanding our production capacity to provide the market with more machines of an even higher quality and precision.”

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