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Polish expertise in furniture production


When Jan Parciak, the present owner, founded the company in 1988, he had gathered substantial experience in a stateowned company. The political liberalization of Poland gave him the opportunity to realize his own ideas and concepts. Soon PAGOK-Meble gained an excellent reputation that reached far beyond its domestic market.

Starting with furniture for the private home, the scope of production expanded continuously to include the homecare medical sector, hotel furniture and eventually special furniture for ships. Today PAGOK-Meble is well established in international business with up to 140 employees at peak season and exports accounting for a phenomenal 95% of all sales.

The company’s high-quality furniture is produced on behalf of customers in Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Norway and France. “We have numerous long-standing business relations,” points out Jan Parciak, Director and Owner. “The customers who placed their orders with us right at the beginning have continued to do so to this day.”

Poland ranks among the leading exporters of furniture in the world, and PAGOK-Meble is among the finest representatives of the Polish furniture industry. The company has successfully completed the orders of foreign and Polish customers for almost 30 years now, implementing new methods of production technology and innovative product solutions in the process.

Today PAGOK-Meble uses a variety of high-quality and high-performance woodworking machinery and tools from prestigious suppliers, including CNC processing centers, numerically controlled wide-belt grinding machines and fully automated staining and varnishing lines.

Although technology is a powerful success factor, it could not exist without skilled people who know how to use it to its best advantage. “We can depend on our competent and committed staff, many of whom have been part of the team for years,” confirms Mr. Parciak. “Our long-term export experience and knowledge of corresponding requirements is another asset that recommends us as a partner for furniture production. Last but not least, we offer high quality at realistic prices.”

For the private home sector, PAGOK-Meble produces a diverse range of cabinet furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, for example chests of drawers, bookcases, cupboards, beds, dining tables, wardrobes, RTV cabinets, showcases and others.

“Generally we realize the concepts and plans of our customers,” explains Mr. Parciak. “Still, we discuss and optimize these plans if possible. We normally produce anywhere from several dozen to several hundred units in one series and deliver them to the customer for further distribution.”

For hotels, apartments and resorts, PAGOK-Meble produces room furniture, reception furniture, tables and whatever else may be required, taking the hotel’s characteristics and customers’ requirements into account. Like in the home furniture sector, PAGOK-Meble is able to adapt to many different styles and designs by using different materials and finishes.

The homecare medical range includes wooden components for beds, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, cosmetic tables and bedside tables that meet the high quality and safety standards of furniture for medical usage. Furniture for ships is customized to the individual needs on board and designed for crew cabins, dayrooms, meeting rooms and bridge decks. Needless to say, this kind of furniture meets the particular quality and fire safety requirements of the demanding marine environment.

“Real wood is a complicated product that may present problems during the manufacturing process that may not be visible before,” points out Mr. Parciak. “It is our specialist know-how combined with the latest production technology that accounts for our success in furniture manufacturing. Building on our close and long-term cooperation with clients, we trust this success to continue.”

The new furniture brand Talukko, produced by PAGOK-Meble, demonstrates the company’s exceptional design and manufacturing experience yet again. Talukko has succeeded in creating furniture in a new, fresh look and original, modern design.

The RTV cabinet from the Koobik collection has already been nominated for the Top Design Awards 2017 and will certainly attract particular interest at the international furniture fairs.

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