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A good-looking investment


The Palladium Group was founded in Italy as a family-owned company more than a century ago. It initially specialised in residential properties in urban centres. Since then it has diversified its portfolio with the addition of offices and mixed-use properties as well as properties in tourist centres.

Today, the group has its headquarters in the Netherlands, and is active in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and the USA. In each of these countries, the company operates an identical set up, managing its various complementary activities through three subsidiary companies.

Palladium France is responsible for real estate development and manages a large portfolio including many residential buildings but also office buildings, commercial premises and car parks. Its sister company SME is responsible for technical management and services, while sales, rentals and property management come under the auspices of Omnium Services Immobiliers and Helion Services Immobiliers.

“We develop our own property projects either for sale or rental as well as managing rental properties on behalf of clients”, says Managing Director Mario Martino. In France, the management of its own rental properties generates revenues of around 16 million EUR per year.

In addition, the company also manages 13,000 rental units for third parties, generating an additional nine million EUR in fees. Historically Palladium has concentrated its activities in the French capital and the tourist areas on the Mediterranean coast.

Demand in Paris can be relied upon to be buoyant whatever the economic situation, and this is supplemented by strong growth in the Côte d’Azur region in the south of France. Palladium and its various subsidiaries are represented by offices in both areas providing clients with local contact to its expert staff.

The role of architecture as an art form is close to the heart of Palladium’s Italian shareholders. Beauty is just as important as functionality for Palladium, and this can be seen in the company’s new building projects. Projects in the US in particular stand out for their uniquely French style.

“We respect architecture as an artistic pursuit and always include space for artworks in our buildings, be it a picture or a sculpture,” says Mr. Martino. The result is an investment that looks good both on paper and in the flesh.

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