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Precision: a top priority


Palumbo Industries specializes in many areas, including profile machining and high-precision profile parts. The machinery for manufacturing profile pieces uses advanced technology to ensure the production process is highly efficient.

Palumbo uses profile machining to fulfil high-volume orders. Its 35 rotating machines and robotic assembly stations guarantee speedy and precise product results. Palumbo also produces profiled parts, such as optical reflectors, locking bolts and other steering column pieces.

The company controls the quality of its products by using cameras throughout the manufacturing process. “These products are mainly intended for the auto industry,” says General Manager Raphaël Palumbo. “However, we do have clients from other industries who find our products meet their business requirements as well.”

The company delivers these parts to many auto suppliers and other clients worldwide, but 85% of its turnover comes from its four main clients. “We have long-term contracts with these clients, which is great because we constantly provide them with big series orders,” explains Mr. Palumbo. “We are the exclusive supplier for some of our clients, and it is difficult to replace us because of our obvious efforts to meet the clients’ needs.”

Palumbo invests a lot of time and money into its research and development department. “We do whatever it takes to find solutions that fulfil the client’s exact requirements,” continues Mr. Palumbo.

Over the years, Palumbo increased its exports exponentially. In 2008, around 15% of its turnover came from exports. Now, its exports make up approximately 65% of its turnover. This significant increase is due to the evolving structure of the company, and export rates are expected to increase in the coming years.

“Our parts and production processes are more complex than they were when we started out,” explains Mr. Palumbo. “The company has grown organically, and our increased exports are a direct result of that.”

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