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Genuine Genoese focaccia, just like home-made


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The saying ‘Focaccia is Tossini, and Tossini is focaccia’ came about for very good reason. The history of Panificio Pasticceria Tossini 1 is closely linked to both the development of focaccia, a popular Italian bakery product, and the history of the Genoese region.

“Our tradition and our region are the basis of our products,” confirms Manuela Chiefa, Business Administration Manager. “This is where we have our origins and where we still are, in spite of all the challenges. It makes us the only true Genoese producers of focaccia.”

It all started in 1899, when Fortunato Tossini set up a small baker’s shop, first in Camogli, and later in Recco. Even then, the production of bread and focaccia met the highest quality standards. In 1976 the founder’s grandsons Luigi and Maurizio took over, and decided to expand and modernize production in response to changing market needs. They succeeded in combining the best of both worlds: artisan production with the characteristics of home baking on one hand, and more efficient processes and conservation techniques on the other.

“Our aim was to respond to consumer requirements and innovate production,” points out Maurizio Tossini, Managing Director. “This meant retaining the artisan character of our focaccia with respect for its tradition. It also meant remaining true to our quality commitment, as we are more expensive than our competitors. What we want to convey is that it is important to eat less, but better quality.”

In the meantime, the revised company concept has been successfully realized. Tossini serves the regional market with fresh focaccia varieties, but also delivers deep-frozen products to retailers and restaurants in Italy and abroad. Spain, Belgium, Germany, England, France and the USA number among the countries that are discovering the delicious flavour and exceptional quality of Tossini focaccia. The company also holds the BRC and IFC certificate, which guarantee the highest quality.

Maurizio Tossini
You need to love what you are doing, and with my grandchildren working in the company now, we are doing so in the fifth generation. Maurizio TossiniManaging Director

“Our brand has seen a great development in recent years, also on an international level,” says Ms. Chiefa, who joined the company eight years ago to promote foreign sales. “We have been able to convince clients of the authentic value of our Genoese focaccia. ”

Tossini already generates as much as 30% of its total turnover of 28 million EUR in export, an impressive quota considering that activities abroad started not so long ago. Nine baker’s shops link to the company’s tradition and allow for close consumer contact, some complemented by a delicatessen area, cafeteria and pastry shop transforimng them into a bakery café.

Tossini focaccia can be consumed at any time of day. It is an extremely versatile product that can be enjoyed as a snack on its own, a bread alternative, or even for breakfast as it is in parts of Italy. Made from few ingredients, the secret lies in its making.

The dough is given sufficient time to rise for higher digestibility, and pricking is still done by hand; Tossini values these characteristics in order to guarantee the consumer a product that tastes, smells and looks like home-made. Apart from genuine Genoese focaccia in its characteristic form with onions, small tomatoes, vegetables and herbs, the Italian enterprise offers a new product of protected origin.

“We have invested a lot in the development of Focaccia con Formaggio di Recco, which was DGP-approved in 2015,” says Ms. Chiefa. “The DGP denomination only applies to the fresh variety we serve in our restaurants and snack bars, however. To solve the problem, we have named the deep-frozen product Focaccia con Formaggio di Tossini Recco.”

This is a ready-made meal, ideal as a starter, quick lunch or light dinner. Its most distinctive features are its versatility and adaptability. Thanks to its unique natural concept and simplicity, it can be combined and mixed with an endless number of different dishes. Consequently, it becomes the ideal base to garnish: with a simple topping (time saving) or with a fancy topping (versatility).

This concept is represented in our slogan: “We give you a great product, you create an excellent tasty dish.” The Spanish restaurant chain La Tagliatella includes this unique product in its menu as a typical starter. Having grown from a simple bakery into a production company with 200 qualified employees, shops, gastronomy and international sales, Tossini’s aim is to consolidate its ownership of the authentic Italian focaccia and become a reference in Italy and abroad.

Streamlined marketing activities such as competitions on social media and the company’s own cookbook with focaccia recipes are likely to contribute to the product’s growing popularity abroad. “It is important to remember that we are very family-orientated,” emphasizes Mr. Tossini. “At Tossini, everyone cooperates with the objective of authentic quality. You need to love what you are doing, and with my grandchildren working in the company now, we are doing so in the fifth generation.”