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Wastewater reuse par excellence


“We see much more potential both in our existing markets as well as in new ones,” says the Head of Marketing, Johanna Wünsch. “We would like to enhance our international market position and are currently looking for engineers who would like to work abroad for us. Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America will be very interesting future markets for us.”

Passavant-Roediger is an expert in the treatment and reuse of waste, wastewater, water and sludge. Drawing on many years of experience in its field, the company offers engineering, technology, equipment and comprehensive technical services to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, sludge digestion plants and extended water and wastewater treatment facilities worldwide.

In addition to this, Passavant-Roediger provides turnkey plants for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse. The service portfolio also includes digester gas treatment and utilisation, advanced equipment for aeration, mechanical sludge thickening and dewatering, thermophilic anaerobic biowaste fermentation, potable and industrial water treatment, and last but not least, design, engineering and equipment for sludge drying plants.

Passavant-Roediger uses the latest technologies and is known for developing innovative processes, such as the Turbo-LME process. “We are also able to deliver small mobile containerised plants,” says Ms. Wünsch. “They are easy to use, flexible and ideal for processing drinking water or treating wastewater.

Another growing field is the recycling of household waste. Here, biogas energy which is generated through the processing of digestion of waste is very important. In Lebanon, for example, these plants are used for the generation of green energy. In all African and Asian countries, waste recycling will be a crucial factor to the generation of energy. Waste to energy is the keyword here. At present, we are planning several water and wastewater treatment plants in Eastern Europe.”

In January this year, Passavant-Roediger received the contract for the Khalifa City Project in Abu Dhabi. Here, the company will design, construct and install a Reverse Osmosis plant for the treatment of around 3,500 m³ of brackish water per day. In February, Passavant-Roediger won the Al Arar project in Saudi-Arabia. The wastewater specialist is responsible for the planning and technical installation of the complete electro-mechanical equipment of a Reverse Osmosis plant for the treatment of ground water, to produce 25,000 m³ per day of potable water.

Passavant-Roediger mainly targets communities and authorities via architects and planning firms. Yet, pharmaceutical and textile companies also rely on the company’s knowhow and technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater. Passavant-Roediger puts great emphasis on local presence and cultural awareness.

The company’s area managers regularly make surveys and analyses and keep close contact to the customers. Also, the wastewater treatment expert regularly showcases its latest developments at the IFAT trade fair in Munich. “References and reputation are important marketing tools in our industry,” says Ms. Wünsch. “Trade fairs are excellent contact and networking platforms where you meet experts and also engineers from all over the world.”

Passavant-Roediger is a true global player and achieves around 95% of its annual turnover through the international business. Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America are key markets. In its home country Germany, the company focuses on the decontamination and modernisation of purification and wastewater plants.

“We are experts in what we do,” Dr. Bachir, Passavant-Roediger’s managing director, explains the company’s success. “Of course, we benefit from the political tune and the increasing awareness that a responsible use of our resources is absolutely necessary for a safe future. We offer state-of-the-art solutions, and we guarantee top performance, durability and reliability. This is the basis that our excellent reputation is built on. We unite traditional values with modern achievements, and that makes us a trusted and reliable partner. Last but not least, all our area managers draw on know-how about the country and people they work for. They know the local mentalities and individually respond to their clients’ needs. Of course, we always keep an eye on the latest political events in these countries in order to avoid any risks.”

The roots of the business date far back to 1842 when the company was founded as a tinsmith by the Roediger family. At the end of the century, the “Michelbacher Hütte” was taken over by the Passavant family, and the business developed into several fields of water treatment.

In 1988, the Bilfinger Berger group acquired Passavant; in 1992 the group took over Roediger. In 1999, the two companies joined forces. In 2009, Drake & Scull International PJSC from Dubai took on 82% of the company shares.

Now, Passavant-Roediger has a staff of around 100 employees at its head office in Hanau and achieves revenues of around 60 million EUR. In order to be close to its customers, the company runs subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, U.A.E., China, North Africa, Jordan and in Turkey.

Despite the current global political situation, environmental awareness is rising steadily – Passavant-Roediger has every reason to look to the future with confidence.

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