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Living high over Vienna


A penthouse built on three levels, boasting large panoramic glass windows, which grant unobstructed views over the rooftops of Vienna. Light and airy rooms with all the technology a person could dream of – it seems that luxury penthouses are becoming increasingly popular in the city center of Vienna and beyond.

Certainly, it is no coincidence that Penthouse Construction has triggered a trend that is attracting well-off city dwellers.

“We were one of the first to become involved in penthouse construction on a broader scale,” points out Ing. Herwig Fohrafellner, CEO of Penthouse Construction. “In 1986, we built the first penthouse using a steel construction, which made us pioneers in this segment.”

Many new penthouses followed, demonstrating Penthouse Construction’s attention to high-value solutions. Today, the company is among the top three construction companies specializing in penthouse construction.

“In Vienna, there are more than 40,000 attics in houses from the 19th century, all of them ideal for penthouse onversions,” says Mr. Fohrafellner. “We realize about one to two projects every year, so, consequently, we still see huge potential for the future.”

From the beginning, Penthouse Construction has focused on steel constructions. “It is a fact that the attic is probably the most difficult floor for any kind of renovation,” adds Mr. Fohrafellner.

Penthouse Construction offers complete solutions, meeting even the most extravagant requests. Panic rooms, high-profile security features and even an independent power supply have become everyday requests.

“We cooperate closely with the customer right from the beginning in order to ensure that all aspects are fully covered,” states Mr. Fohrafellner.

Penthouse Construction goes to great lengths in translating its customers’ wishes into reality. This clientele loves the exceptional, and swimming pools and lushly planted roof gardens feature high on the wish list.

“Putting in a swimming pool presents a great challenge in terms of structural calculations. All trades on a construction site work hand in hand, for instance, when it comes to the installation of a lift or an electrical system,” points out Mr. Fohrafellner.

Penthouse Construction prides itself on implementing energy-saving solutions throughout. “It is important to meet regulations on sealing and leak testing,” adds Mr. Fohrafellner. “We use triple glazing as well as 25 cm wool insulation for walls and roofs. From Spain, we import a special roof slate made of natural stone. The customer takes center stage in all our efforts to create stunning penthouse solutions. It is our aim that the new owner gets a genuine sense of well-being when at home in his new penthouse.”

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