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Laboratory equipment for a better world


“Here in Poland we distribute Agilent Technologies products and technologies mainly to laboratories, the life science market, and customers from the biotechnology, oil and gas markets,” he explains. “The portfolio includes everything from consumables to products and instruments right through to complex devices and solutions. Yet, we do not sell products only. We are a solution provider. We know about the complexity of our products. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services, warranties and training seminars. We are consultants, we carry out installation and implementation, and we train our clients. To be able to give our customers excellent technical support, we keep investing in our people. We even established our own laboratory here in Poland where we test the products and solutions and develop working procedures. This service approach distinguishes us from competitors, and we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Our products also excel in performance and quality.This is another crucial factor in our business.”

Accounting for almost 90% of total turnover, chemical analytics form the mainstay of the business. Almost 10% of sales come from the life sciences sector, focusing on genome analyses.

Perlan Technologies is well-known in its field nationwide. The company has many customers in the academic market and serves technical universities and research and governmental institutions such as food protection agencies or water quality analysts.

Perlan Technologies actively markets its services mainly through its sales force. “Sophisticated products like ours need to be explained in depth,” says Mr. Wydra. “Therefore, our sales people are our best marketing agents. They are also our ear on the market. They learn about new trends and demands, problems and challenges early. This gives us time to react and keeps us one step ahead of our competitors. Thanks to their know-how and expertise, our sales agents are able to offer added value. We also have experienced service engineers who provide application training.”

The spirit of the company has also been an important factor of success for Perlan Technologies. The firm has been through many changes in recent years, but the majority of the staff have stayed. The owner also gave the business economic stability during the difficult years.

“We have a family-like culture and a friendly and at the same time motivating working atmosphere,” says Mr. Wydra. “In order to preserve these values, we established a guiding principle. Last but not least, we offer competitive prices.”

“Our business depends on customer relations,” adds Artur Chajewski, Service Department Manager. “We follow a partnership-oriented business model and aim for long-term relationships with mutual benefit.”

Perlan came to life as a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard. In 1999, Hewlett-Packard decided to establish a new division and called it Agilent Technologies. Agilent had been active in Poland for around three years, yet it hardly gained ground.

In 2002, a Turkish investor acquired Agilent Poland and established Perlan Technologies. Ever since, the company has been realizing tremendous growth rates, most of the time double-digit figures.

Due to the economic environment in Europe, growth started to slow down in 2010. Perlan Technologies is still on an expansion course and keeps improving its market position.

Today, the company is owned by a Swiss enterprise, which is in the hands of the Turkish investor who once bought Agilent Poland. With a team of 50, the company achieves annual turnover of around 20 million EUR.

For this year, Mr. Wydra expects an increase of 10% in sales. In addition to its head office in Warsaw, Perlan Technologies cooperates with sales representatives all over Poland. Growth is at the top of the company’s agenda.

“We would like to link our future and growth plans to Agilent Technologies and double sales within the next five years,” says Mr. Wydra. “We aim to reach this goal as an Agilent distributor and in cooperation with new partners, especially from the area of life sciences. Currently, we are searching for new partners. In terms of market share, we are already the market leader in the field of chemical analytics in Poland. We are determined to keep that position. We are financially solid and have won awards from several renowned Polish institutions, for example the award for the fastest-growing company in Poland. I believe that we have put the ideal conditions in place whereby we can realize further growth in the coming years.”

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