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Catalyst for change in electrochemicals


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Founded in 1971 as a manufacturer of dimensionally stable electrodes for the electrochemical industry in Scandinavia, the company today supplies a wide range of catalytic coatings, electrodes and electrochemical cells, as well as coating and refurbishment services to the global market.

“We have tried to keep the business very focused, and catalytic coating is really the basis of everything we do,” explains Global Marketing and Sales Director Viktoria Lindstrand, who is responsible for Permascand’s electrochemical process technologies products (EPT). “Our vast experience and knowledge of electrochemistry and electrochemical processes means that we are pretty unbeatable.”

Permascand’s EPT portfolio includes highly advanced catalytic coatings used, for example, for chloralkali technologies, water electrolysis, electrochemical oxygen evolutions and corrosion protection. The company is also an expert in electrodes made from titanium, nickel and steel that include a catalytic coating. The company is particularly renowned for its chlorate electrodes. High-quality electrochemical cells, which are used in diverse industrial process applications around the world, are another area of specialism.

A relatively new product category is a strong indicator of Permascand’s ability to extend its product and service range in line with new market developments. In 2013, the company entered the water treatment business, which was, and still is, a major new industry trend.

“Across the world, the need to reuse water is becoming more and more important,” says Lars Nyman, Sales Director for Water Treatment Systems (WTS). “A lot of research has been undertaken into lowering energy needs and consumption. Environmental issues are of particular concern, and new regulations are continually being introduced. This is where an electrochemical process offers a real advantage because it is extremely clean. It uses energy, but there are no residual products to be taken care of, and it cleans water very effectively.”

Permascand’s water treatment solutions are already in use for applications such as water disinfection, water injection, cooling water and drinking water from an industrial perspective. They are also used within the marine industry for the treatment of ballast water.

“The marine sector is growing very quickly, almost faster than we can cope with,” admits Mr. Nyman. “Water treatment is new, and we are able to leverage our extensive knowledge in catalytic coatings. The growth potential in this market is enormous.”

Nevertheless, Permascand continues to seek opportunities in other markets as well. “Although we are already the leader in the European market for water ballast treatments using chloride, we are constantly working on new applications, often partnering with other specialists in the industry,” underlines Ms. Lindstrand. “We see opportunities to utilize our knowledge of electrochemistry and its processes in a number of other areas.”

Headquartered in Ljungaverk in central Sweden, Permascand has sales offices in Gothenburg and Vancouver, and works together with partners in the US, Brazil and China. 95% of its production and services are exported, with a large number of clients in North and South America and Europe, and a smaller client base in Asia.

The company has an aggressive plan to increase turnover from 220 million SEK to a staggering 500 million SEK in just two years. “This is incredibly motivating; the challenge of doubling our revenue thrills me, and it is something I constantly strive for,” says Ms. Lindstrand.

Permascand’s amazing success has been due to a number of key factors. “We are a small company, which makes us very responsive and flexible,” Ms. Lindstrand points out. “We have a very deep understanding of electrochemical processes and can offer customers technical support to implement the use of our products.” Mr. Nyman adds, “We work very closely with our clients; in water treatment systems, 65% of our solutions are customized.”

The company has a number of challenging projects coming up, and is continuing to look for new applications for its products as well as new markets, in particular in North America. “Electrochemical process technology is a very concentrated market; everyone knows everyone else,” Ms. Lindstrand sums up. “The key to success is to do a great job and present your company in the best possible light.”

Water treatment solutions are increasingly in demand, and Permascand has the answer for almost every situation

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