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Industrial parts cleaning for problem-free production


“Cleaning systems are something which every manufacturer needs but none of them want,” observes Managing Director Horst Erbel. “It comes down to the cost factor, but an effective cleaning process makes a significant difference to production quality. Our customers want an efficient system which meets their exact requirements, at a reasonable cost.”

Founded in 1953 in Königsbrunn, Bavaria, PERO is owned by the Erbel family and specializes in cleaning systems for industrial parts using both solvents and water-based cleaners. With the acquisition of the largest manufacturer of cleaning systems in eastern Germany in 1992, PERO has been manufacturing cleaning systems and system components in Gotha, Thuringia, for almost 25 years.

The company’s portfolio is based on a flexible modular system, available in a range of sizes, from which standardized machines are produced but also bespoke cleaning machines are created to match clients’ specific needs.

The latest innovation, to be launched in 2016, is the N2, a newly developed energy-efficient cleaning system. “The N2 was designed as a very flexible system which, due to its compact size, can be easily transported in a container around the world,” explains Mr. Erbel. “We have also developed a new system called Neptun which uses aqueous media and will also be available this year.”

While others in the industry only supply machines and after-sales service, PERO sees itself not just as a supplier but as a consultant, a system developer and a partner for its customers.

Before a specific cleaning system is defined for a customer’s project, PERO and its customers undertake extensive process analyses and testing at its technology center in Königsbrunn to establish which system is best suited to the customer’s needs based on their specific production process and level of  cleanliness required. These cleaning tests are one important step during the project phase and can currently be performed in one of 15 different cleaning systems either with solvent or aqueous media as the cleaning agent.

Customers are fully involved in the testing phase so that PERO gains an in-depth understanding of their processes. Its expert technical staff have manufacturing experience and understand how particular parts are contaminated during the production process.

They demonstrate the test results and advise clients accordingly. “Our systems are an investment for our customers, and they must be 100% fit for purpose,” asserts Mr. Erbel. “Our testing phase ensures that the investment is safe because the concepts are researched and proven beforehand.”

That this comprehensive testing operation contributes significantly to the company’s success is clear. “It enables us to guarantee system suitability,” points out Mr. Erbel. “In addition, we offer superb service and top-quality products which are, nevertheless, good value for money, and we are not afraid to advise customers against a particular solution if necessary. This approach has enabled us to build successful long-term partnerships with many of our clients.”

All customers interested in cleaning tests can contact PERO personally to discuss a test procedure in the new technology center in Königsbrunn. PERO boasts a broad customer base across a wide range of industries: car manufacturers and their suppliers, the aviation industry, medical technology, and general manufacturers of every size who undertake mechanical work such as turning, milling, punching and pressing all number among its clients. The company does not concern itself too much with the competition or its market position.

“We focus on our own products, which are all made in Germany,” emphasizes Mr. Erbel. “Our success is based on selling large numbers of top-quality machines which suit the international market and providing excellent service to our customers.”

Between 45 and 55% of PERO’s annual turnover (30 million EUR in 2015, the highest in the firm’s history) is generated by exports; it has subsidiaries in the USA, France and Switzerland, and sales partners in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The company sells its machines in significant numbers to all different countries around the world. The future for PERO looks very positive.

“We are planning a new marketing concept for 2016 to increase our market penetration,” concludes Mr. Erbel. “We will launch our new N2 and Neptun models at a number of trade fairs, and we are also investing around two million EUR this year in a new production hall at our Gotha site. On completion, we will focus on rationalizing our processes.”

A busy, but undoubtedly promising time lies ahead for PERO.

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