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Promotion to the point


An unrivalled combination of products and services is what PF Concept has become renowned for since its foundation in the early 1970s. The promotional products market leader in Europe offers everything from low-priced giveaways to high-end gifts, from generic designs to globally recognized brands.

In 2014, the internationally operating concern moved its distribution center to Poland, uniting a 23,000 m² warehousing facility with the existing 20,000 m² production plant near Poznan. PF Logo Express adds a full scale of decorative services.

“Our one-stop shop offers decisive advantages in terms of speed, quality and creativity,” points out Plant Director Marek Flaszak. “The combination of production and distribution under one roof has enhanced our flexibility in the implementation of solutions and processes.”

The decoration service provided by PF Logo Express was launched in 2008 and has enjoyed dynamic development ever since. At present, the company has 460 employees plus seasonal staff and generates about 10% of PF Concept’s total turnover.

“Since our focus is on quality, we decorate only products that are supplied by PF Concept and have been thoroughly tested,” explains Mr. Flaszak. “A complaint rate of less than 1% for our orders in the whole of Europe confirms our claim of excellence.”

Production lead time is another important factor where customer satisfaction is concerned. PF Logo Express meets customers’ needs for fast service to the extent of one-day production and nextday shipment. The production plant in Robakowo near Poznan is frequently inspected by local authorities. External audits and certification to ISO 14001 confirm its focus on sustainability.

“Most clients choose classical printing techniques, yet digital printing is on the increase,” says Mr. Flaszak. “We promote this development successfully,” he adds, “as digital printing minimizes ink waste and is better for the environment.”

PF Logo Express serves business clients in the whole of Europe and beyond, also in cooperation with its parent company. Its distribution model is based on sales to suppliers of promotional items and giveaways. Clients are welcome to visit the Polish facility and tend to be impressed with the way their ideas can be realized.

“Managing expectations and making clients aware of opportunities is part of our service,” says the Plant Director. “We handle both large and small orders, and tens of millions of items go through our plant every year. The level of excellence we have achieved makes our service unique in the whole of Europe.”

Developing the decoration service in Poland is PF Concept’s key strategy. “Some products are sold without decoration, but our one-stop shop for full decoration offers the best options for clients,” says Mr. Flaszak. “We are continuously improving our service, so the share of decorated products is bound to increase still further in the future.”

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