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The brand behind the brand


“As an end-to-end e-commerce provider, we offer fully integrated solutions,” sums up Sales and Marketing Manager Ana Maria Halmaghi. “We look after the whole process, and this sets us apart from the market. The combination of innovative technologies, professional services and a worldwide network of systems and logistics infrastructure enables us to deliver global commerce solutions that strengthen our customers’ performance.”

PFSweb – an abbreviation of Priority Fulfillment Services – was founded in 1995 by Daisytek International Corporation in the United States. In 1999, the company established its first subsidiaries in Belgium and Canada. At the same time, it developed a new business division and started its first projects as an e-commerce provider.

In 2002, payment services complemented the portfolio, and in 2008 PFSweb started to cooperate with the successful provider of an e-commerce platform, Demandware. “2002 was a decisive year for us,” states Ms. Halmaghi. “We started focusing more and more on end-to-end-platforms and positioning ourselves as a fullservice provider.”

Partnerships with Coremetrics and Shopatron finally led to interactive marketing and infinite commerce services. In 2013, the company started its activities on the Asian market. Today, it has 1,600 employees worldwide and turnover of 283 million USD.

While its headquarters is located in Texas, there are subsidiaries in Belgium, Canada and the Philippines. The European subsidiary in Grâce-Hollogne, close to Liège, has 200 employees and turnover of 30 million USD.

“Our advantage is that we do not have a lot of competitors,” points out Ms. Halmaghi. “We offer full services and customized solutions. And despite all complexity, we are extremely flexible. We listen to the customers and offer exactly what they want. The chameleon in our logo symbolizes this attitude perfectly. We adapt ourselves completely to the customer’s needs.”

Following this approach, PFSweb is the brand behind the world’s leading brands. Thanks to select partnerships with leading providers, the company offers the best service in each division. Customers from all different markets appreciate and benefit from the high-quality service standards.

Among them are global players such as L’Oréal, Clarins, Azzarro, Sorel, Elizabeth Arden, Lego, Procter & Gamble and Suunto. “Our customers know that we provide all the services that are needed in order to start an e- commerce shop,” says Ms. Halmaghi.

“Regardless, if they need payment services, interactive marketing services, customer care services, product content management or software solutions that allow omni-channel commerce, our team is able to work out individual solutions. We know our customers very well, we understand the evergrowing demands of the market, and we know how to face them.”

PFSweb’s philosophy is based on a vertical, global approach, which means that specialists with fundamental know-how are responsible for different business units. In the future, it strives to strengthen activities on foreign markets, especially in Russia and Asia.

“Russia offers interesting opportunities in terms of e-commerce,” says Ms. Halmaghi. “The American market is clearly ahead of the European one. In Europe, we face different challenges on markets with different needs, and in Asia, we have several prospective B2C opportunities.”

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