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The people business


P&I LOGA3 is the new HR solution that compresses the entire HR management of a company on one modern and user-friendly web-based user interface. It is the latest addition to a comprehensive P&I HR system that makes use of a modular structure to enable companies to improve all processes of modern human resource management on a sustained basis.

“Human resource management today is about more than just ensuring that employees’ wages are paid on time,” says CEO Vasilios Triadis. “It is about getting the best out of what is for most companies their single greatest cost factor. Our system is designed to carry out the various day-to-day requirements of human resource management while making it possible to crosslink and draw inter-disciplinary conclusions to create strategic added value.”

In this way, P&I puts vital tools in the hands of senior managers that improve both employee satisfaction and their contribution to company profitability. This ability to bring positive benefits to both a company’s bottom line and the job satisfaction of its workforce is why more than 15,000 clients throughout Europe use P&I’s products in their HR departments.

“Since the beginning, the company has made access to powerful HR tools open to both large organizations and smaller companies,” says Mr. Triadis. “That is a cornerstone of P&I’s onging success.”

While P&I works widely with public sector employers with large payrolls, it is also a well-known presence in the private sector amongst blue chip companies as well as Germany’s famed SME sector. “We are one of the most successful and profitable software companies in Europe, if not worldwide,” insists Mr. Triadis. “We have an EBIT of more than 40% on total turnover of 120 million EUR and have been posting double digit growth for several years, even during the financial crisis. There are not many other companies that can claim similar success.”

Software integration is the key to P&I’s success over the past few years. As its product portfolio has expanded, it has ensured that each new area covered could be integrated into an interlinked whole. “Human resource management is a holistic discipline that benefits from looking at the bigger picture,” explains Mr. Triadis. “For example, if an employee approaches their personnel manager with an interest in undergoing professional training in a technical area, the system can identify the areas where there is the greatest demand and steer the employee into the field with the greatest chance of success. In this way, the company is able to fill areas of need and the employee is able to move up the career ladder with a realistic plan.”

Employee training is a key priority for P&I’s own business and the reason behind the establishment of the P&I Academy. “We already decided ten years ago that we needed to train up our own new recruits as well as our management-level employees,” says Mr. Triadis. “Each year, we run our own in-house graduate trainee programmes to give them the best possible start with us. These are the people who will one day be running the company.”

The academy also runs seminars for customers to train their employees on the use of the P&I HR solution. As the P&I HR software system has gradually become more complex, the company’s geographical presence has also widened.

In addition to four offices in its home country it is also strongly represented in Austria and Switzerland with further presences in the Netherlands and Slovakia and a software development center in California’s renowned Silicon Valley.

From 1 April 2017, P&I will be opening a development center in Greece, reflecting a desire to move increasingly into the southern European market. Spain is another potential market, not least because of the large number of unemployed graduates there.

“There is a great pool of untapped talent that we believe our integrated HR system can help companies to take full advantage of,” says Mr. Triadis. “We expect to see the HR department become much more involved in strategic planning as it moves from performing a purely administrative role to becoming a more proactive force. Our software will help companies plan for the future by combatting skills shortages and identifying high flyers.”

P&I sees itself as a high flyer in a competitive market. “We want to become faster in everything we do and develop a dynamic momentum that allows us to redefine our products and ourselves,” says Mr. Triadis. “This year our focus will be on enhancing the usability of our products. The latest software release continues our efforts to digitalize the HR process and reap the resultant benefits.”

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