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Valves in perfection


PIBIVIESSE was founded by three partners in 1981 who aimed to combine forgemaster expertise with experience in valve design and production. “Their commitment was to follow a total quality concept, from calculation to field service without any compromise,” explains Francesco Mastronardi, managing director of PIBIVIESSE and with the company since October 2012.

Previously, Mr. Mastronardi was active in the oil and gas division of General Electric. “In 1994, the enterprise was acquired by the American multinational corporation Watts Industries Inc. Created as a spin-off by Watts Industries, PIBIVIESSE has been part of Circor International Inc. since 1999.”

By these means, the Italian company was able to develop from a small private business into an internationally active enterprise. “In 2000, we began to expand our traditional product portfolio and launched our internally developed product Cageball, a control valve,” states the managing director. “Over the years, it has become increasingly important.”

Furthermore, PIBIVIESSE’s acquisition by Watts Industries paved the way for a broad-based internationalization strategy that still applies today. “Our presence on key markets abroad was expanded to a great extent,” says Mr. Mastronardi. “Apart from an early branch office in China, we continuously increased the number of our foreign sales offices in South America and in the Middle East. This year, we opened a local presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in order to grow on Asian Pacific markets. In cooperation with our parent company Circor International, a new branch in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is currently being established.”

At the present time, PIBIVIESSE, whose company name derives from the initials of ist three founders, employs a capable and highly experienced team of 220 people in all operative areas and can count on solid engineering capability built over more than 30 years of valve design, and reinforced during the last five years through the addition of a significant number of talents coming from the oil & gas industry.

“Together with our team, we were able to generate turnover of 111 million EUR last year,” explains the managing director. “Most of our revenues are made up by the development, manufacture and distribution of ball, control and on-off valves for the oil and gas industry. At 80%, ball valves are responsible for the largest share of sales, followed by control valves. Apart from the oil and gas sector, we also supply customers from the energy sector.

In this field of operation, our control valves often find application in hydroelectric power stations. All industrial solutions are only made to order and customized according to the customer’s specific needs and requirements.” In terms of PIBIVIESSE’s product features, the company places great emphasis on long-lasting use and industry-leading technologies.

“Our ball valves are designed to meet the most stringent and demanding international standards, for instance ASME VIII, ASME B 16.34 or API 6D,” states Mr. Mastronardi. “When required, the complete valve and its components can be designed for any customer requirement and for most advanced calculation systems. Double o-rings grant the perfect and safe sealing of the body, the closures and the bonnet. Therefore, our ball valves are suitable for a wide range of applications and installations onshore, offshore, underground and subsea.”

Consequently, the Italian manufacturer invests a significant part of its profits in research and development processes. “Concerning this matter, we are currently working on two major projects,” says the managing director. “First of all, we strive to complete and expand our portfolio of control valves. Second, our product line of cryogenic valves, which find application in LNG (liquefied natural gas) plants, will be improved and further extended.” Regarding its product development, PIBIVIESSE cooperates closely with the Milan Politechnico university.

“The collaboration started five years ago,” explains Mr. Mastronardi. “We have already created many new products and patents, and jointly participate in international conventions.” When it comes to marketing and distribution, the Italian company follows a traditional strategy.

“We still prefer direct customer contact,” states the managing director. “That was one of the main reasons why we established so many branch offices with sales representatives abroad. In this way, we are close to the respective market and ist customer base. Helpful in this case is of course our good image on the market. The brand PIBIVIESSE is well-known and highly respected at home and abroad.”

Furthermore, the enterprise regularly takes part in international trade fairs to present its novelties and stay in personal contact with clients and interested parties. “Amongst others, we are present at the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,” says Mr. Mastronardi. “Another example is the OTC in Houston, Texas, USA. In cooperation with our office in Rio de Janeiro, we also participate in an important Brazilian trade fair.”

These promising structures make PIBIVIESSE a much sought-after partner on the market at home and abroad. “Our export rate sums up to an impressive 98% and includes core markets in the Middle East (40%), Asian Pacific countries (15%), especially Korean engineering procurement and construction contractors, as well as South America (20%),” explains the managing director.

“Considering our relatively smallproduction volumes, we are not among the largest market players. In our niche sector, on the other hand, we serve as an excellent global player for demanding customers.” These clients profit from many advantages that also mark PIBIVIESSE’s factors f success. “Quality and innovation are of utmost importance to us,” states Mr. Mastronardi. “Customers also rely on our after-sales services and capable employees.”

Despite recent financial crises that hit many European markets, PIBIVIESSE managed to achieve growth even in those times. “Our global presence is of great benefit,” summarizes the managing director. “For this reason, we are able to compensate for diverse industry- and market-specific cycles. If our success decreases on a particular market, we focus on another country. In our area of business, these cycles are tied to oil and gas prices. Markets are thus strategically selected according to their returns.”

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