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The healthy mix to go


The idea of a salad bar is not a new concept to many people, but Picadeli AB is changing salad bars as we know them. Although some food establishments like supermarkets offer a self-serve salad bar, it’s always a gamble what selection, quality or freshness it has to offer, particularly as these businesses prioritize other services.

With Picadeli salad bars, however, it’s always a sure bet. “Our business is the management of salad bars in stores. We offer a wide assortment of food that is extremely convenient, a great value for money, tastes delicious, and allows consumers to freely choose what they want. We present a combination of health food and convenience food,” explains CEO Ragnar Landin.

This mix has proven to be a winning recipe for the company, and the numbers reflect this success. Picadeli’s 1,600 stores in six European countries are a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of the company.

“Fast food doesn’t have to be junk food. What we offer is a lifestyle product. Our customers don’t have the time to make this nice food by themselves, but they still want to eat healthy, tasty meals. All of this is possible with Picadeli! People aren’t forced to eat junk food now. They are free to choose, and they are choosing our product. You see people with our salad bowls, and they are really proud to be eating it!” Mr. Landin says enthusiastically.

Picadeli is continually working on enhancing the customer experience. “We conducted a lot of studies regarding appearance and what attracts consumers. We are always working on improving customer satisfaction. When you buy our salads, you are not simply buying food, but also an experience. Our assortment not only needs to taste good, but also look good,” highlights Mr. Landin.

A diverse selection of food items is one crucial part of Picadeli’s strategy. “We currently have an assortment of 150 products, each of which has been tested. We are also constantly testing new products to see what else works and what customers will like,” the CEO underlines.

Since its inception, Picadeli, now part of Greenfood Group, has ensured that its salad bars are not just a convenience for the consumer, but also for the store. “A salad bar normally requires a lot of personnel, time and attention. We have made it much easier for each store to have a salad bar. Our salad bars should be easy for the store to manage, and we provide a good system with which to work. The salad bar also acts as individual, built-in storage containers for each food item, thus allowing for easy refill,” points out Mr. Landin.

“We improve the concept continuously in terms of operational quality, and quality in the store. We are always trying to find ways of realizing our concept in more efficient ways, in order to make stores more profitable,” Mr. Landin adds.

In addition to the convenience factor, hygiene and freshness are paramount for Picadeli. “We tried to come up with a solution built around a concept of trust, where both the stores and consumers feel safe and the food is in its place and well protected,” states the CEO. “All of the food is in disposable containers. Also, these containers of food are not huge. You always have fresh products,” says Mr. Landin.

Picadeli has already found its sweet spot in today’s time-deprived and fitness-focused world, yet promotion remains a big part of the company’s focus. Picadeli maintains a website detailing all of its product offerings. Additionally, the company is active on Instagram and Facebook, and participates in many events.

Picadeli has done extensive research regarding its customer base and is always looking for ways to expand its reach. “One of our most important target groups is women. We cater to everyone, but women constitute a substantial portion of our customers. We see many opportunities with this group, and we’ve gained a lot of loyal customers,” the CEO explains.

Mr. Landin believes there is always room for improvement and creativity, and this is what pushes him at the company. “Our goal is to give more and more people the opportunity to eat Picadeli. Everyone in the company loves our business and shares the same drive to see this concept to fruition. This makes me happy every day,” Mr. Landin states.

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