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Improving quality of life


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People have become more and more aware about what they consume and what impact their lifestyle has on their physical health. “For this reason, our products meet the current trend,” says General Manager Christian Seyrig. “Our approach is prevention. That is better than fighting against the symptoms. We look at health as a whole, using probiotics as a holistic concept.”

Dr. Christian Leclerc founded the company in 1990. He was looking for alternatives to conventional medicine and discovered probiotics. He developed nutritional supplements and has become a pioneer in the market for probiotics and micronutrition.

Today, Pileje’s products are distributed in 44 countries. The company has become the leading laboratory in this sector and is recognized and accepted by doctors and pharmacies. The firm has more than 600 employees at its headquarters in Paris and five subsidiaries in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Poland, and around 100 million EUR in revenues.

Pileje is active not only in Western Europe, but also has customers in countries such as Algeria, Morocco and the Emirates. “We still see a lot of potential abroad,” adds Mr. Seyrig. “If we see an opportunity to enter a new market, we become active there.”

Today, Pileje has a range of 330 different products. “We are very innovative and develop about ten new products each year,” states Mr. Seyrig. “We are a development laboratory and production unit at the same time. We are always looking for new ways to help the human body maintain the balance of bacteria.”

Christian Seyrig
Our aim is to contribute to a better quality of life with our medicine. Christian SeyrigGeneral Manager

The company produces for its own brand, but also acts as a private-label producer for other companies in the industry. The products are available in different dosage forms, for instance, as tablets, capsules or powder sachets. One of the best sellers in Pileje’s product range is Lactibiane Référence, which contains four microbiotic strains in the dose of ten billion each per capsule or sachet.

“We also have the ability to extract nutrients from fresh plants,” explains the General Manager. “Most of our competitors use dried plants, but the nutrients from fresh plants are different from dry plants and more diverse. In addition, we only use microbiotic strains which are very resistant and have a long lifespan. Our High Quality Microbiotics Charter guarantees this careful selection of microbiotic strains and high standards of manufacturing.”

For many years, the products provided by Pileje have been distributed by doctor’s recommendation. Since 2009, the sales strategy has also focused on pharmacies. The pharmacists are trained by Pileje to be able to offer the right advice for patients.

“We can see very positive growth in this area and plan to increase our capacities in the future,” points out Mr. Seyrig. “We will keep on developing new products, focusing on our preventive approach. Our aim is to contribute to a better quality of life with our medicine. With the progress made in micronutrition, people can expect to live better, healthier and even longer. That is what drives us, and we will put all our energy into research and development as well as our sales activities to be able to help more people live a better life.”