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An expert in injection moulding


Injection moulding of complex products requires a lot of knowhow and experience. The parts must be professionally designed, fulfilling different requirements and taking into account the material used for the parts and the mould as well as the desired shape and features of the components, among other things.

“We have a high quality standard and impress our customers with our experience and the high precision of our products,” says Emmanuelle Bouvier, CEO of the Healthcare & Industry Business Unit. “We support our customers, offer them added value and thereby give us and our customers a competitive advantage.”

The roots of Plastibell date back to 1972, when the company was founded by Mr. Maradan as a producer of moulds for injection technology. In 1986, the firm started producing its own technical plastics components for the automotive, electronics and sports industries, and later for the healthcare sector.

The company grew over the years, and the production of its own injection moulds was closed down. In 2015, Plastibell was taken over by the PSB INDUSTRIES group, which is a market leader in packaging and specialty chemicals and employs around 2,500 people at 24 industrial plants in America, Asia and Europe.

“PSB wanted to diversify its portfolio, especially in the healthcare sector,” explains Ms. Bouvier. “The Healthcare & Industry business unit was founded, integrating Plastibell into the PSB INDUSTRIES group, and I joined the company as a CEO.”

Today, Plastibell operates more than 240 injection machines at eight industrial sites in France, Poland, Mexico and the USA. The firm has a total staff of more than 700 people and realizes annual turnover of around 100 million EUR.

Within the Healthcare & Industry business unit, about 65% of the activities are within the industrial sector while 35% of the revenues are generated in the healthcare sector. With its healthcare products, Plastibell serves customers in the medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, OTC, animal health and hygiene areas, manufacturing slides, medical equipment and consumer products, among others, in medium to large series.

In the industrial sector, the company works for the automotive industry, the aerospace sector, electronics, the sports and entertainment area, the field of automation as well as the building sector.

“We produce according to the customers’ specifications and also support them in the design of the components,” states the CEO. “We have our own trial centers and can offer the co-development and co-design of parts and the assembly. We are an expert in product and process innovation and can develop cutting-edge concepts and the industrialization of processes.”

The company’s customers value the high quality and precision of the plastic products made by Plastibell which works for renowned names such as Valeo or Schneider. The firm holds all necessary certificates for the different industries.

“With the large number of certificates we demonstrate our high quality standard and our ability to fulfill the diverse technological demands,” points out Ms. Bouvier. “We are clearly situated in the high-tech area.”

The company works with state-of-the-art machinery and has automated its production process to a high degree for more efficiency, precision and an even higher level of quality. The healthcare sector offers a lot of growth potential.

The population is ageing and thus the need for medical care is increasing, especially in Europe and the USA. In addition, the demand for medical equipment and care in developing countries is growing, as well, which leads to a dynamic development in the industry.

For this reason, the healthcare sector will be a focus in the future development of Plastibell. However, the industry, which has gone through a phase of consolidation in recent years, will remain an important division for the firm, too. As part of PSB INDUSTRIES, the company is able to fulfill the requirements of its international customers with its presence around the globe.

Becoming an international partner for customers in the healthcare sector and the industry, convincing them with its experience, performance, knowledge and innovative solutions is the overall goal of Plastibell for the future.

“We also plan to design own products, in order to develop from a supplier into a producer with our own range,” says the CEO. “We have established a department that is working on new designs. In the industrial sector, we aim at increasing the amount of co-development and common concepts. We will keep on bringing added value to our clients.”

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