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Wind works


“Our aim is to grow in harmony with the environment,” stresses Managing Director Pierluigi Tortora. “That is why we develop, build and manage wind, photovoltaic, biomass and cogeneration power plants in Italy and operate as a trader in the market for electric power.”

In Europe, Italy ranks third for the production of wind energy and is highly productive in the PV industry. In this vibrant market, PLT energia is a leading company offering future-oriented solutions.

Its origins date back to 2003, when Pierluigi Tortora founded his first business, W-Energy Srl. “The Kyoto Protocol and its binding emission reduction targets made a lasting impression,” says Mr. Tortora. “I did not want to miss the boat in this expanding field. That is why I started to establish different companies in the renewable energy market. In 2008, we defined the target to realize 100 MW through the diversification of wind, photovoltaic and biomass sources by 2013.”

Today, PLT energia operates as a financial holding company with different subsidiaries involved in the renewable energy industry. Its 30 plants produce 231 GWh of clean energy every year. Listed on the Italian stock market since 2014, PLT energia, has 80 employees and generates turnover of 22 million EUR.

Its headquarters are in Cesena; maintenance technologies are located in Calabria. “We clearly focus on wind power,” sums up Mr. Tortora. “Although we invested a lot in photovoltaic, which makes up 10% of our annual sales, future plans focus strictly on wind power with the aim of increasing our installed capacity from 100 MW to 180 MW between 2014 and 2018.”

Currently, the company has 18 operational wind farms among its 30 operational plants in wind, PV and biomass. Eleven more are under construction, and another ten are in the pipeline. With Powerservice Srl, a subsidiary, PLT energia can bank on a reliable trading partner.

“In June, a wind farm with 10 MW will start operating,” explains Mr. Tortora. “Two farms with capacities of 1 MW were commissioned in the first months of the year, and another one was due in April. Moreover, through the construction of another wind farm of 33 MW started in April, we will increase our installed capacity to 45 MW by March 2016.”

In the fragmented Italian market, PLT energia is a mid-sized player with huge potential. Its constant success is the result of profound market knowledge and a team of highly committed employees.

“Thankfully, we can rely on our competent, motivated staff,” underlines Mr. Tortora. “The atmosphere is dynamic and inspiring. Everyone identifies with the idea of green energy and is keen to push the company further. The passion for our products and services is enormous, and all our employees are crucial to our success.”

PLT energia consistently sets the benchmark – not least in terms of its business strategy. “We offer a whole package of services from the planning and construction of plants to management and maintenance,” says Mr. Tortora. “This sets us apart from most of our competitors. We start from scratch, which means on the green field. We control every single process, and this builds up trust and confidence. Italy’s renewable energy market remains vital. We want to play a significant role in this important market – in harmony with the environment.”

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