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The green solution


Puregreen – the name speaks for itself. The Cesena-based company is the first to offer 100% green energy completely made in Italy. “Our mission is to establish a new culture, a new mentality,” states Director Enrico Corona, who joined the company two years ago. “People are becoming more and more aware of serious environmental issues. The consequences of global warming are long-lasting and obvious for everybody. Our mission is to be a reliable and competent energy partner – a green energy partner who wants to make a difference.”

Puregreen was founded in 2016 and started operating in 2017 as a subsidiary of PLT energia, a holding company that has been active in the field of renewable energies for years.

“Our parent company aims to develop, build and manage wind, photovoltaic, biomass and cogeneration plants,” sums up Mr. Corona. “With eleven photovoltaic parks, 34 wind parks and two biogas plants, PLT energia is able to produce around 400 GWh of clean energy per year. The group has come a long way. People were already talking about clean energy in the early 2000s; several projects in Italy were spawned by EU energy initiatives. PLT energia established its first wind park in 2006, and today, we are in the position to cater to the energy needs of 170,000 families. In 2017, we realized that the group was missing something. Our idea was to establish a new energy culture in which the final customer is no longer just a consumer but a producer himself of the energy used. The foundation of Puregreen is closely connected to this innovative idea.”

Since then, the idea has taken off all around Italy. Today, Puregreen has 20 employees and annual sales of four to five million EUR. “So far, the company’s development has been quite successful,” states Mr. Corona. “Our target was to acquire 7,000 customers, and we already surpassed this target. However, competitors are doing a slightly better job as they are simply bigger. Luckily, we can bank on enthusiastic and committed employees. There are many promising ideas in the pipeline, which makes us look confidently into the future.”

puregreen focuses on the supply of electricity and gas, offering three different solutions. Evergreen is a fixed-price solution for twelve months while Comfort Green is greatly appreciated for its flexible pricing depending on consumption and market developments. A third variety offers fixed prices plus variable costs.

As Puregreen always sees the big picture, it cooperates with a scooter-sharing company in Milan called MiMoto. “Thanks to this partnership, we gained a foothold in the field of e-mobility,” explains Mr. Corona. “We supply the energy to recharge the vehicles. Customers using this service get a 20% reduction on our products. It is part of our philosophy to diversify our offer and to develop new service solutions. The partnership with MiMito is something special and a first step in other directions. The project illustrates that we like to think out of the box, and customers benefit from attractive sustainable energy offers.”

Puregreen is highly interested in new inspirations and ideas that help shape a healthy, sustainable future. The company carefully observes the market, analyzes trends and adapts strategies. It puts great emphasis on communicating with customers and regularly shares information about corporate matters and environmental issues via social media.

In addition, Puregreen sponsors several sport teams and supports important medical institutions. “Puregreen’s passion is highly contagious,” underlines Mr. Corona. “As we always thrive to broaden horizons, we are constantly working out new ideas and projects that focus on the environment. This is highly encouraging as we need to be prepared for new challenges. Italy’s retail power and gas market will be fully liberalized in 2019. This means customers can choose new commercial offers. Against this backdrop, we want to stand out from the market. Transparency, competitive energy offers and a strict focus on sustainable energy will characterize our strategy. We believe that the company’s outstanding commitment will enhance the journey towards a greener future.”

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