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Tuning for the boss


Today, the business is based on four major pillars. These are Consulting, Academy, Top Assistant and Search & Placement.

In the consulting field, PLU focuses on office coaching. Following a constructive coaching concept which includes five trainings days, PLU identifies potential areas in which time can be saved.

“A good assistant and efficient management structures can activate management time of over 20% within a few weeks,” says Ms. Walker. After the coaching phase, the company assists its clients in building “winning teams” by enhancing the qualification profiles of their assistants and in releasing time.

The Academy offers special training seminars for management assistants and executives. “It is important to make the executive and the assistant a team,” says Ms. Walker. “Both parties benefit from cooperation. The CEO gains more time while the assistant can take on new jobs and improve his qualifications.”

With its Top Assistants service, PLU provides qualified assistants for CEOs, directors and managers, for example to help out at peak times, on special projects or to handle staffing shortages.

All assistants provided by PLU are highly experienced and draw on special know-how. PLU is able to react quickly to requests – even across Europe.

Last but not least, PLU is a reliable partner in finding the perfect assistant. The company follows a structured process in finding (Assistant Search) and placing (Assistant Placement) assistants and in carrying out special assessments (Assistant Assessment).

“I have a good intuition for finding the right assistant, to train them and to speed them up,” says Ms. Walker. “In the beginning, our people undergo a kind of performance test. In fact, I learned this concept from serious sports. Then, I develop an individual training schedule. Within only six weeks, we are able to speed up our trainees. Even young people with little job experience will be able to handle the needs of an executive of a DAX company. Also, I encourage them to be self-confident.”

Ms. Walker’s strategy is paying off. Her reference list reads like the “who’s who” of the German economy. She is well-known outside of Germany, too, and has customers in Austria and Switzerland. She has also carried out projects for clients from England and France.

“Time is the most valuable asset we have and in business, time is money,” says Ms. Walker. “Today, more and more CEOs understand that it is important to delegate in order to have more time for the important decisions. We all want more time. I know exactly how this feels as I was caught on the treadmill for a while, too. Then, I had an epiphany and reorganized my complete schedule – my whole life. Now I am much more productive with less effort. Most importantly, I was able to enhance my quality of life. We only have one life.”

Ms. Walker is positive about the future. “I see huge potential for my approach to business,” she says. “Also, my concept meets the spirit of the times. We give young people a chance to develop.”

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