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Experts in radial piston motors


“In 1958, we were the first to develop a radial piston motor”, says Branch Manager Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Meyer. “Over the years, we kept our focus on radial piston motors and continuously improved our products. As a result, we are now an internationally renown specialist in this field, supplying top-of-the-range solutions.”

Focusing on the German market, the company mainly targets different industries, such as agriculture, building, environment and the navy. At present, the market is booming. Poclain Hydraulics is ready to further flex its muscles and grow. Nevertheless, customer satisfaction is at the top of the company’s agenda.

“We do not just sell products or machines,” explains Mr. Meyer. “We carefully advise our clients on the best solution possible and develop solutions that perfectly meet their individual needs and requirements. All our products are tailor-made, and we also develop single components, if required. We are a company, and of course, we would like to enhance our market position. But we do not aim for growth at any price. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we pursue a sustainable and partnership-oriented business approach.”

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