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Attractive, customized and durable


Polyway develops, fabricates and markets a broad variety of products made from fiberglass reinforced polyester. The company’s portfolio includes custom-designed solutions for the storage, transport and treatment of water, solutions for various aquaculture applications and floating solutions used in marine or inland water environments, such as restrooms, showers or storehouses.

Equipped with its design unit, Polyway covers the entire value chain, from product development and engineering to manufacturing and logistics. The company was established in 1973. “In the first years, we manufactured hulls for fishing boats,” General Manager Stéphane Soulard describes the origins of the company. “Since 1979, we have been processing composite materials for water-related applications.”

Today, Polyway is a flourishing business with 40 skilled employees, more than seven million EUR in sales and state-of-the-art production equipment. “Four years ago, we invested over 2.5 million EUR in new manufacturing technology which not only increased our efficiency but also improved working conditions and reduced our impact on the environment,” states Mr. Soulard.

The largest Polyway business unit is tanks for the storage, transport and treatment of rainwater or wastewater which account for 80% of overall sales. The remaining 20% falls to fiberglass reinforced polyester products for fish, shellfish, oyster, water plant and algae farming, high-end floating solutions for marinas, ports or any other aquatic environment, and comprehensive services including repairs, modifications and upgrades.

Polyway exports 10% of its composite products, to customers in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, Turkey and North Africa.

“The French market is very competitive,” says Mr. Soulard. “This is why we put a strong focus on continuous innovation. In addition, we want to further expand our international activities. Our goal is to achieve a minimum export share of 20% by 2018.”

Polyway’s internationalization strategy is backed by more than 40 years of experience in processing composite materials, a flexible organization close to the customer and ample production capacity for meeting the tightest delivery deadlines. “We want to develop the company as a team that includes all employees,” states Mr. Soulard.

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