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Design-Build (D-B) is becoming more popular in the construction industry because it minimizes risk for the project owner. It also reduces the amount of time needed to complete the project, because the design phase and construction phase overlap.

“We create the concept for the project, show it to the client and, if they like it, we make the technical specifications, which includes a fixed price,” explains Maciej Ekstedt, Commercial Director and Member of the Board. The company also takes care of all the administrative services and delivers a turn-key build.

Prime Construction is a general contractor that employs its own managers and supervisors, but subcontracts the workers that are employed on each individual contract. Clients initially come to the firm and then continue to come back for future projects due to the company’s three core values. Value one is safety.

“Safety is extremely important for the workers completing the project and for the finished build, since it must be a safe structure to live or work in, long into the future,” says Mr. Ekstedt. The business has received many awards for having the safest constructions on the market. Value two is trust.

Clients know that they can trust the word of the company’s representatives. Value three is good quality. “We offer a service called ‘value engineering’,” adds Mr. Ekstedt. “For example, the construction of the building may be cheap, but will be expensive to heat or light later on. Prime Construction shows its clients these estimates, which helps them decide if they would rather invest more initially and contract a more expensive project that will reduce overhead costs over time.”

Recent projects completed by the firm, where customers can see these values in action, are a 23,000 m² factory extension and warehouse built for the US company Victaulic 150 km away from Prime Construction’s headquarters in Szczecin and an 18,000 m² building for the Swedish company Calix-Klippan that consisted of two indoor factories with storage, the construction of the 12,000 m² Black Pearl apartment building in Szczecin and many more.

Customers include, Drobimex, Jupiter, Backer, Klippan, Rockwool, KK Wind Solutions and several others. Going forward, Prime Construction plans to remain the leader in its current market, aims to keep the company internally strong as it grows, achieve sustainable growth while maintaining a high turnover and stay flexible enough to meet its clients’ needs.

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