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Just-in-time electronics


“Location is becoming increasingly important for our customers in the electronics sector,” states CEO Krzysztof Torczynski. “Companies that switch to just-in-time manufacturing methods need to be able to rely on fast deliveries from their suppliers. Having the components they need to keep their production lines running stuck on a cargo ship for three weeks is not conducive to efficiency.”

Most of the companies served by Printor are multinational manufacturers with factories in Poland. Printor can offer them the high product quality they demand combined with reliability and short lead times.

At least 95% of deliveries are now made just-in-time. “As a contract manufacturer, everything we produce is custom-made in accordance with customer specifications,” adds Mr. Torczynski. “Our electronic manufacturing service covers the entire value chain from the production of the printed circuit boards to testing and assembly.”

Printor has been making PCBs since 1990. In 1998 it introduced a surface mount technology (SMT) assembly service as one of the first companies in Poland. In 2002 it added through-hole technology (THT) to its portfolio.

Today it also offers prototyping and testing. “We are working on improving quick turnaround delivery so that we can offer our clients the possibility of express delivery as part of our standard service and not just for specific products,” says Mr. Torczynski. “Speed is of the essence. Next year we are introducing VMI vendor management inventory which will increase our reaction speed and further shorten lead times for our customers.”

At present exports account for around 10% of turnover. In the next five years, Printor hopes to be more present in the international market and expand its offer, particularly with relation to VMI manufacturing. This will give it a good mix between long term clients and quick turnover, one-off requests.

“We want to provide a good offer for companies who return with their production from Far East to Europe,” says Mr. Torczynski. “I think there are plenty of potential clients who will find our offer for non-standard manufacturing very interesting.”

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