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New generation, new direction


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Francesco Corsi spent five years working alongside his father in the firm that Mr. Corsi senior founded in 1979, before taking over as Managing Director in 2006. He immediately adopted three new strategies which would transform the company from a solid, reliable supplier of beer and food to the horeca sector in Tuscany, to a dynamic organization that helps its customers make a real difference in their own businesses.

Firstly, he recruited young and enthusiastic employees, and set up a comprehensive internal training programme to  generate engagement and a real passion for the work. Secondly, he began developing a new portfolio of exclusive products which would differentiate PRINZ from the competition; and thirdly, he extended the training and education programme to include customers.

Today, the staff are mostly aged between 25 and 40 – Mr. Corsi himself is just 38, and the new product range, launched in 2008, has proved a huge success. “There has been a generation change in every aspect of the company, which has created tremendous energy and completely transformed our service and approach,” Mr. Corsi underlines.

While Mr. Corsi’s father focused exclusively on the supply of beer, Francesco Corsi has broadened PRINZ’s drinks range to include wines and spirits, and a much wider selection of beer. He has also extended the range of soft beverages and food; from the beginning of 2019, two new staff members will concentrate solely on the sale of food products.

One characteristic is central to the whole product palette. “The horeca sector is increasingly driven by specialization,” explains Mr. Corsi. “When customers go to a restaurant or bistro, they want to experience something new, such as products that they won’t find in a supermarket. Establishment owners must therefore offer their guests something special, that is not an everyday experience. That is how we position our product portfolio.”

Francesco Corsi
There has been a generation change in every aspect of the company, which has created tremendous energy and completely transformed our service and approach. Francesco CorsiManaging Director

While the exclusivity of the product range has had a very positive impact on PRINZ’s business – in recent years the company has achieved a 15% annual growth rate – it is not the only factor that has contributed to its considerable success. Service is another area where Mr. Corsi has implemented significant change.

“PRINZ delivers six days per week, usually within twelve hours of receipt of order,” he says. “We have also introduced customer training relating to wine, beer and menus. In addition, unlike our competitors who generally depend on external suppliers, we have set up an internal technical department which specializes in beer tender systems. Technology and digitalization are very important to us, and we invest heavily in this area. This year, we have introduced an app for customers, which has been very popular and enables us to communicate with them quickly. In 2019, we will be launching a new app for our technical area.”

PRINZ is now the market leader in Tuscany, and Mr. Corsi has ambitions to grow the firm beyond its home region. “We cover the whole of Tuscany, and we now want to extend our activities, initially to neighbouring regions, and then beyond,” he reveals. “To achieve this, we will maintain our strategy of supplying exclusive beer, wines, spirits and food, and will broaden our product portfolio still further. Of course, we will continue to train and develop our staff, and we are always seeking new people who have a passion for this job. Personally, I love working in this sector; it’s fun, and you can create and try out so many new things. The generation change at PRINZ has been successfully completed in every area, and the company is ready and organized for the next 20 years.”