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Special machines for process automation


The roots of the company go back to 1990, and since 1994, PROAUT, which has its seeds in eurotec GmbH, has been producing its own machines.

“In the course of the years, we have developed a lot of knowledge in the microelectronics sector,” says Karl-Heinz Gross, who manages the company together with Thilo Wicht. “Our staff of about 35 people is highly qualified, and we employ more than 50% graduated engineers or technicians. This way, we have the experience and qualifications to offer customized solutions which are up to date with the rapidly changing parameters of the technology sector.”

PROAUT is a specialist for the handling, testing, marking and optical inspection of components, offering the development and manufacture of production tools and technology-related accessories. Its special purpose machines offer efficiency and precision in very small footprints, fulfilling the high demands for speed, precision and reliability.

The company covers the areas R&D, software, construction and assembly, offering complete solutions from one single source. “We analyze existing and planned production processes and offer additional solutions for process automation,” explains Mr. Gross. “We develop the best technological and economical application based on a modular design system, providing entire customer-based problem-solving packages.”

A new business area is microelectronic mechanical systems, which also require the highest precision. The machines are placed on granite blocks, which absorb a large amount of dynamic energy. PROAUT has proved its potential internationally and has customers in Europe as well as Southeast Asia.

In 2009, the firm established a subsidiary in Singapore, which is a joint venture together with its main customer. “We have many customers in Asia, but we want to become more well-known in Germany. We have the potential to meet the requirements of our customers and consistently rise to the challenge of fulfilling their demands. We will expand our portfolio, offering new technologies such as microelectronic mechanical systems and systems for health care, the automotive sector and other industries. However, our top priority is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.”

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