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Growing wider and deeper


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“In the range of automation and factory automation, we supply electrical, instrumentation and control services,” states Alain Wullaert, Managing Director of Process Automation Solutions NV. The firm chose to work independently of hardware and software brands, in order to offer its clients all the major systems and be able to opt for the best solution. “We also help clients increase their use of any system by integrating elements of other systems, thus combining new developments with a shorter cycle with our clients’ equipment that has a much longer cycle,” he adds.

Mr. Wullaert observes that for their clients, the expertise necessary for automation is often held by employees who are close to retirement. Process Automation Solutions works with young local teams in long-term partnerships with clients, making sure that clients can focus on their core business, while the expertise is not lost for them.

The firm has already been active in the essence of Industry 4.0 for ten years: connecting individual elements to create an optimal exchange of data. Starting its activities in the chemical industry when it was founded in 2000, the company expanded into life sciences, such as the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

“We work in sectors where my people are challenged and find opportunities to develop themselves,” Mr. Wullaert observes, explaining that they do not offer a daily commodity. “Our standards in selecting people are very high and we hire two new engineers a month.”

The company has a strong focus on smart engineering, strategically choosing very intelligent young engineers from Belgium and the Netherlands who are able to work in independent self-organized teams. “Our teams work for clients, acquire new assignments and manage their own accounts,” Mr. Wullaert explains. “Smart engineering by local people is important to assist clients in precisely defining their needs. You can’t solve that with a back office located far off.”

Process Automation Solutions NV currently employs 210 people. It is headquartered in Melsele, with additional offices in Waver (Wallonia) and Breda (the Netherlands). “Our aim is to expand to 350 employees,” notes Mr. Wullaert. “That way, we can show the market that we are perfectly suited for tackling large complex projects.”

To achieve this goal, Mr. Wullaert finds the company’s potential in widening its range of activities and deepening its expertise by intensifying current activities.