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Managing human resources


“We meet the needs of modern business organizations and match them with potential employees’ skills. It is our prime objective to help a company to develop into a solution-oriented company,” points out Veronica Jansson. Proffice acts as a managed service provider (MSP) with regard to outsourcing human resources activities and offers recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

Its team has the skills and experience from the different industries Proffice works with, uniting human resources competence and industrial competence under one roof. Its MSP orientation is manifested in the new division Proffice Link that was set up in 2013 in order to increase the number of consultancy assignments. It has in fact risen by 117% since the implementation.

MSP is the practice of outsourcing management responsibilities and functions, for instance in human resources, as a strategic method for improving operations. Proffice has established itself as a one-contract source to its customers, with just one contract and one invoice.

“We ensure that we have at hand suppliers that meet our customers’ needs,” adds Ms. Jansson. “We handle the entire process of finding contemporary workers. We arrange for salaries. We take care of every detail and provide the right candidates to our customers.”

Proffice considers itself the human resources extension of its customer’s company and offers resources planning. It acts as the link between staffing agencies and companies. And it is this close collaboration with suppliers that has become the key to Proffice’s success in the recruitment market.

“The MSP business is still quite new in the Nordic region. At the beginning, staffing agencies saw us a competitors, but we help them grow, and they are now aware that we act as a neutral partner,” says Ms. Jansson.

In its designated MSP market, Proffice Link has become a strong partner in all staffing and recruitment-related issues. “We have high-flying ambitions for the coming years,” says Ms. Jansson. “For 2015, we aim to serve more customers. We are also working on meeting the needs of our existing customers and improving our performance. In addition, we keep addressing diversity issues and help companies become more diverse.”

Being a driving force in the Nordic labour market is important for the Proffice Group. Although Proffice Link is a small player within the Proffice Group, its activities have a huge impact on the entire group. “The MSP market is young and promising. We are the group’s arm in a new market,” states Ms. Jansson. “By 2020, MSP will be more established, and more customers will be acquainted with managed services.”

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