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Reliably automating valves


“We are highly experienced in the development and manufacture of actuators,” says Managing Director Christian Schmidhuber. “Actually, we have more than 25 years of experience in the field. My father, Max Schmidhuber, has even more. He had been active in transmission technology for more than one and a half decades before he founded the company in 1989.”

Starting with the development and manufacture of linear actuators as the major products, PS Automation soon expanded the range to include quarter-turn actuators.

Today, PS Automation is active around the world with a manufacturing site in India, a branch office in Italy, a joint venture in China and a network of representatives and sales partners in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.

“We employ a staff of 30, plus an additional five at our Indian subsidiary, and we manufacture as many as 16,000 actuators which are sold to customers across the globe,” explains Mr. Schmidhuber.

PS Automation focuses on electric and electronic actuators designed for automating valves. “Typically machines and lines are operated around the clock,” states the Managing Director. “The reliable function of the machines is paramount as downtimes are costly. Our actuators are purpose-developed to ensure uninterrupted processes by automating the control valves. They are ideally suited for quick installation into new systems, and they can also be easily installed for retrofitting or upgrading existing plants.”

In detail, the range includes PSL-AMS, the patented smart solution for linear actuators up to 25 kN for advanced control operations; PSQ-AMS, the patented smart solution for quarter-turn actuators up to 1,000 Nm for advanced control operations; and linear and quarter-turn actuators for simple control operations. This year, PS Automation will bring its new PSF series, a spring return actuator, to the market, which will increase the product range.

“Our actuators are high-quality solutions, compact, robust and reliable,” underlines Mr. Schmidhuber. “Based on a modular construction, the actuators can easily be modified or upgraded, and they can be perfectly adapted to any type of valve. For years now, our actuators have proven their advanced performance and reliability under the harshest conditions and in the most demanding applications.”

The actuators made by the German specialist are widely used in all sectors of industry. For example, PSL-AMS linear actuators control the temperature of a continuous casting line in a steel plant. PSQ smart quarter-turn actuators control the air conditioning in the clean room for the production of LED screens. Linear and quarter-turn actuators control processes in a soda plant in Turkey.

“Backed by more than 25 years in the sector, we have hands-on experience in many fields of industry,” says Mr. Schmidhuber. “We are familiar with the actual requirements, and we can provide the solution best suited for the application. In addition to standard products, we also develop bespoke solutions, for example for the Channel Tunnel. We are a leading brand in our market niche today, and we are well positioned to further enhance our impact in the future.”

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