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Taking care of stress at work


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Levels of stress at work have risen significantly in recent years. “Especially people who are constantly in contact with customers often deal with aggressive behaviour and are stressed out,” explains Managing Partner Jean-Marie Gobbi. “More and more companies in different industries are facing those issues. Our aim is to offer a sort of tool they can use when mental problems occur. They contact us, and we listen to them and offer psychological support.”

Psya differentiates between three services – auditing and counselling, training, and listening and support. “Psychological counselling has always been our core competence,” stresses Mr. Gobbi. “Employees can contact our call center 24 hours a day seven days a week, to discuss problems with our own psychologists and a network of 1,000 cooperating psychologists. Employees suffering from fear, anxiety or burnout symptoms need qualified help.”

Psya is eager to offer this help. Ten years ago, it started offering specific training programs focusing on crisis management. Managers learn how to deal with employees experiencing mental health issues such as occupational burnout. Audits and counselling services for human resource departments build a third pillar.

Today, Psya has 83 employees, subsidiaries in Lyon, Marseille, Rennes, Nancy and Lille, and affiliates in Spain and Italy. Its services are increasingly in demand. “We were the first company to concentrate on psychological services and have built up a broad array of loyal clients,” states Mr. Gobbi. “This can be a cashier at the supermarket or a CEO. In most cases, we work for larger companies and cooperate with several insurance companies. There is no doubt that clients benefit from working with us. The lack of psychological support can lead to increased absenteeism and decreased productivity. Employees that feel that they have psychological support have greater job attachment, job commitment, positive attitudes at work and wish to remain with the organization or company.”

Jean-Marie Gobbi
Due to an ongoing digitization people tend to be constantly online – even at weekends or on holidays. We put a strong focus on de-connection. Leisure time must be leisure time to recharge batteries. Jean-Marie GobbiManaging Partner

Psya publishes newsletters, conducts interviews with HR managers, publishes reports, and attends fairs and congresses to share information and experiences with relevant people and to get new inspiration. Keeping up with times that are characterized by increasing digitization and its consequences is one of the main challenges.