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PET packaging experts from Poland


The company’s portfolio boasts a wide range of PET bottles, jars, closures and pre-forms. Today, PET bottles are the mainstay of the business. Masterchem focuses on four target groups. These are the household chemicals industry, cosmetics, the pharmaceutical industry and container and bowl production for different industries. One of the company’s bestsellers is an aerosol bottle which is used for products such as window cleaning agents.

Together with a Dutch partner company, Masterchem developed a special cosmetic series for BMW. Today, this series can be found at all BMW car dealers. All products made by Masterchem meet the highest quality requirements. The company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 15593 (food) and ISO 15378 (pharmaceuticals).

In addition to this, Masterchem carries out regular quality controls. Within the last years, the PET expert has invested around 300,000 EUR on quality control equipment. Already, around two thirds of the products are sold to customers abroad. Around 65% of the products go to customers in Europe.

Here, Germany is a key export market. Also, the Eastern European countries, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are stable markets. In order to enhance its international contact network Masterchem regularly exhibits at international trade fairs in Poland, for example at the Taropak in Posen.

“We take care of all our customers regardless of their size,” Mr. Wasilewski explains the company’s business approach. “We always aim to fulfill their needs, if possible to exceed them. In addition to this, we make products people really need. Our products are functional and of top quality. In addition to this, we constantly keep our clients informed about the status of their order.”Mr. Wasilewski started his career as an entrepreneur around 25 years ago trading different raw materials, among them PET. In 1991, he founded his first business focusing on the production of forms and bottles for the beverage and cooking oil industry. In 1999; he commenced the production of bottles for cleaning liquids such as liquid soap, rinsing agents and cosmetics.

“In those years, the industries started to produce their own packaging and establish their own filling lines,” says Mr. Wasilewski. “The market moved on to new fields.” In 2006, the dynamic entrepreneur acquired new machines and was able to change from two-step to one-step production. As a result, the forms were produced on the same lines where the bottles were blown. This investment was a major strategic step and paved the way for further growth.

In the following years, the company kept improving and expanding its machine park. “Even the crisis years around 2008 were good years for us,” says the managing director. “We used those years to plan new investments and to expand our customer base by developing new products.”

The strategy is paying off. Today, Masterchem has a staff of 130 and is engaged in several partnerships all over Europe. Last year, the company’s annual turnover amounted to 24 million EUR – an increase of 24% compared to the previous year.

Already, the second family generation is active in the family enterprise, too. Around ten years ago, Mr. Wasilewski’s son, Piotr Wasilewski, joined the company. For 2014, Mr. Wasilewski expects growth of around 25%. “Our order volumes keep growing and we continue to win new clients thanks to our new products,” he says.

In the coming years, Masterchem will not rest on its laurels. Product developments and international expansion are key issues on the company’s future agenda. “Due to the economic conditions in Europe, recent years have been challenging,” says the managing director.

“Now the market is recovering. We have been able to keep our market position, though, and even achieved growth. This year, our main issue is to improve and extend our IT system in order to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and productivity. In 2015, we aim to enhance our export activities. Germany, Italy and Denmark are high on our agenda. We believe that there is much potential for us abroad thanks to our unique combination of quality and service. In the next five years, our goal will be to increase sales by 70 to 100%. This is an ambitious goal, but I am sure we will make it.”

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