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IT: Thinking big for small players


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Founded in 2000, Quantic Support specializes in the development of tailor-made processes for its customers as well as implementation and ongoing support, which includes not only error fixing, but extends to support for process application and digital transformation.

The company’s service portfolio is split into two segments. Firstly its technicians, where required, can be located all year round at clients’ premises to provide continual support and advice. The second pillar involves a new service concept called Serenitech, a management service provider which, while common in English-speaking countries, is a relatively new idea in France, where Quantic Support considers itself something of a pioneer.

“Serenitech relates to the whole digital transformation process,” explains Technical Director Samir Branchet. “It covers infrastructure but extends beyond implementation to include the integration of Internet connection, data communication, data security and cloud. As a gold partner to Microsoft, we principally use Microsoft Office 365.”

Roger Idiart
We see huge potential in the small and mid-sized business sectors, and our goal is to expand our existing customer base across all sectors in these markets Roger IdiartPresident

The training of client staff is an important factor in successful service concept implementation, and Quantic Support provides comprehensive training for clients’ employees in the form of 45 minute on-site modules delivered by Quantic trainers.

A service center provides additional support. “Our aim is that customers experience as few problems as possible,” stresses Quality Manager Yves Dubos. “Using cloud, we can anticipate and fix problems remotely before the customer is affected. We provide a regular report which shows what we have actioned without the customer even being aware of an issue.”

While one third of Quantic Support’s revenues are generated through service support for customers of its holding company  – Quantic Support ownership is split equally between the Quantic group and its Quantic Support’s founder and President Roger Idiart – and a further third is generated by contracts with the sector’s big players such as Sopra Steria, Quantic Support is now turning its focus to service support for small and midsized firms, which already provide the remaining third of its turnover.

“We see huge potential in this area, and our goal is to expand our existing customer base across all sectors in this market,” confirms Mr. Idiart. “Often, such companies have no IT director and are unable to implement digital transformation in-house. We are offering our services via third party photocopier and telecommunications suppliers. Their markets are relatively saturated, so this gives them the advantage of a completely new product area and gives us access to their customers – a real win-win concept for all of us.”

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