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Paper production from A to Z


“The company had some difficult years,” says CEO Igor Rakuša. “In 2014, we made a new start, implemented a completely new strategy and developed a new corporate vision. We decided to move into vertical integration and cover the whole production chain from the raw material through to the final product. Against this background we made major investments into new machinery. This holistic approach is a unique competitive advantage for us. We are also one of the few companies with the ability to produce 100% cotton paper. This new vertical approach enabled us to move into new markets and to open many new doors. We can already say that it was the right decision.”

Radeče paper Group’s three main areas of activity include paper manufacturing, self adhesive materials and finished security products, as well as integrated solutions for governments, banks and other entities. The group produces specialized papers, bond and protected papers, and finished security products, such as passports, ID cards, bank cards, checks and certificates. The company is a sought-after partner among governments, banks and other institutions for its currency solutions, bank notes, security trade papers and holograms.

In order to stay at the forefront of technology and to meet even the most challenging security demands, the paper specialist established a new R&D department, which is continuously working on new technologies and solutions.

“We only recently finished a biometric passport with polycarbonate,” says Mr. Rakuša. “We also invented new holograms and new identity features. At present, official papers and documents are the most important pillar of our business.”

Radeče paper Group offers commodity products such as school and office papers or pharmaceutical papers, as well as the conventional paper. “This is always the first level of any integrated solution, and often it is our ticket to establishing a new business relationship,” explains the CEO.

Self-adhesive materials round off the product spectrum. Deeply rooted in its region, Radeče paper Group feels responsible for the people who live in the region and towards nature. Sustainability and environmental protection are high on the company’s agenda.

“We are a value-oriented company,” says the CEO. “Integrity, mutual respect, team work, customer focus, continuous learning and social responsibility are our key values. We expect all team members to stay true to our values. Thanks to this approach, we have a motivating and inspiring working climate. We believe that these values are an important asset of our company.”

Radeče paper Group is a global player and serves customers in 27 countries. Today, the team includes 254 people. “Before we took on the business, the company was a regional player only,” says Mr. Rakuša. “There is still great potential in our existing markets. For the coming years, we also see promising prospects in Africa and Asia. Our vision is to become a leading global player. This year we aim to enhance our marketing and our sales. We expect to double our turnover figures in the course of 2015 and are continuously searching for new clients and partners. We know that we have set ambitious goals, but we are determined to attain them.”

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