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RadioAccess is a leading supplier of mobile communication network solutions that optimize mobile accessibility, provide security, allow more efficient communication, save costs and are easy to use. The company’s solutions are used in business critical environments such as healthcare institutions and complex industrial sites.

“Our customers include the two major mobile operators in the Netherlands, Vodafone and KPN, large academic hospitals as well as Maasvlakte 2, the national project aimed at extending the Port of Rotterdam,” says company founder and CEO Maurits Zandbergen.

The main solutions provided by RadioAccess are Private GSM, a closed GSM network for mobile communication managed completely as a proprietary service, and antenna networks for guaranteed indoor signal transmission. RadioAccess was founded in 2008 as a one-man business.

Since then, it has developed into the Dutch market leader in network accessibility solutions, with 65 professionals and annual sales of over six million EUR. “It is a dream come true, to set up a company in hard times and expand it to this extent,” states Mr. Zandbergen.

RadioAccess has a particularly strong position in the hospital market. “Hospitals generally use old-fashioned communication systems,” explains Mr. Zandbergen. “Physicians and nurses carry a beeper and have to find a phone when they are called to find out what is required of them. This can be much more efficient and fast with Private GSM. Increased efficiency is the most important deciding factor in the market.”

The second major activity of RadioAccess is improving availability of mobile networks in buildings, using indoor antenna networks. “As buildings are constructed with improved isolation to reduce energy consumption, the signal from a mobile network cannot enter the building as well,” explains Mr. Zandbergen. “Therefore, indoor solutions are needed to improve the indoor accessibility of mobile networks.”

In addition to sophisticated technology, the sweeping success of RadioAccess is based on two main factors: focus and reliability. “We focus on what we are good at and deliver what we promise,” Mr. Zandbergen describes the philosophy of the Dutch market leader, which also sees a great potential for its solutions abroad.

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