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Specialist in electronic solutions


“My father founded Rait in 1981 as a service provider for companies active in electronics,” says Sales Manager Alessio Calabrò. “It was renamed to Rait88 in 1988. After my father’s death in 2013, my mother and my brothers took over. Right from the start, we focused on services and solutions, acting as an intermediary between the customers and high-grade manufacturers of electronic components. We were never producers, but we adviced customers and sourced the best products available for the specific application.”

Since 2013, Dr. Calabrò has fostered his staff’s skills and implemented new technology at the in-house laboratory. By and by, Rait88 expanded the scope of applications to include defense, aerospace, transport, telecommunications and other industries.

“Flexibly adapting to customers’ requirements, we provide electronic solutions that are second to none,” states Dr. Calabrò. “For example, we provided ink and film for license plates. We have secured partnerships with the world’s top manufacturers to offer high-quality electronic products at competitive prices.”

In 2000, there was growing demand for solutions for obsolete systems. In order to meet the demand, Rait88 established Labtronik as a company specialized in extending their life cycles. At the same time, Rait88 established TTC as a company specialized in systems integration.

“Rait88 holds a 50% share in both companies, and they all are wholly owned by our family,” explains Dr. Calabrò. Rait88 specializes in supplies, the two others are engineering companies.”

Today Rait88 focuses on four fields of competence, embedded systems, ICT, system integration and security solutions for access control and video systems. For example, Labtronik developed a security solution in cooperation with the Mediaset Group: a collar for monitoring dogs and cats with a GRPS module, GSM, sensors and an app to send a signal if the dog runs away or gets lost.

The company used the technology for another project for Acea:, a security bracelet for people with even more sensors and a button to press for help. “The bracelet features technology comparable to a mobile phone,” says Dr. Carabrò. “Both products will be launched by the end of this year.”

All in all, the group employs a staff of 40, 14 of whom work with Rait88, and is generates a turnover of 20 million EUR, 14 million of which generated by Rait88. Backed by a commercial subsidiary in Florida, the group has an export rate of 15%, mainly to the USA.

The company has a share in exports of systems integration solutions for Italian and European defense systems, mainly for naval command and control.

“Our customers are companies active in defense and aerospace, transport, and other industries,” concludes Dr. Calabrò. “Our solutions are backed by 45 years of experience, and that means assurance for customers. We have direct contact with customers, meet their needs and provide customized solutions which are tested. And we have regular training courses for our employees, so we are well prepared for the future. We plan to expand our solutions to the end consumer. Moreover, we are going to merge the three companies next year to form one strong unit and one strong brand.”

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