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Top-notch aluminum castings


The company produces aluminum castings for machines and other devices in several industries. 30% of Reboldi Angelo’s products are made for mechanical parts in the automotive industry. Its brake pumps, covers, gear housings and motor interface boxes are sold to prestigious auto companies, such as McLaren, Lamborghini and Maserati.

The company also produces gear parts for the naval industry, and numerous parts to the general industrial field, such as converter turbines, power unit supports and covers. Custom-made parts are also available for all three of these industries.

“We think of the most productive way to fulfill our clients’ requests,” says Managing Director Giuseppe Reboldi. “We are qualified to make complex customized parts because of our high-quality production techniques.”

All of these parts are produced using state-of-the-art technology in one of the company’s two factories. In the early 2000s, Reboldi Angelo opened a fully automated and industrialized factory and began working with gravity casting instead of sand casting.

In addition, it started using low-pressure machinery, which made the casting processes more efficient. Because of these changes, the company’s turnover has steadily increased by 20% every year.

Reboldi Angelo exports 30% of its products around the world. It is very active in Great Britain and Singapore, but wants to be more active in Central Europe, the US and Central America in the future.

“We hope to expand our business into Germany significantly,” explains Mr. Reboldi. “We are currently seeking a representative for this business territory who can make this a reality.”

Although it only has 45 employees, the company is one of the biggest players in its field because of its expertise and high-quality end products, which are sold at the right price. Reboldi Angelo produces around 120 t of aluminum every month and has become a reference company in its industry.

“We are small but that makes us more flexible,” says Mr. Reboldi. “Clients are impressed with our working environment and production lines, and this makes us stronger than the competition.”

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