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Stretch from scratch


Due to its combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Reggiani has long been synonymous with the most sophisticated stretch fibers and fabrics that are in high demand by prestigious fashion companies and stylists.

Attilio Reggiani founded the company in 1973 in Biella, an Italian city where the wool industry has a tradition dating back over 200 years. “Biella is internationally recognized as the city of wool,” states Attilio Reggiani. “When we established the company, it was clear that we wanted to create something new. We wanted to be different, and we were keen to face new challenges. Even today, we are constantly on the quest for innovation.”

Although there was strong demand for traditional fibers, Reggiani wanted to enter new markets and shifted its focus towards the world of sport fashion – a niche market. “It is a fact that sportswear needs to be comfortable,” says Mr. Reggiani. “Our idea was to develop special fabrics that reached new levels of comfort.”

Reggiani’s idea soon paid off. Attilio Reggiani still runs the company today, together with his two sons. The family company has 150 employees, three plants in Varallo, Valle Mosso and Quarona with a total area of approximately 40,000 m², offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai and New York, and an annual production capacity of three million meters.

In its early days, Reggiani focused exclusively on stretch fibers for sportswear; it was only later that the company entered the world of fashion, especially for women. To satisfy challenging customer demands and to strengthen competitiveness, Reggiani acquired Azeta in Valle Mosso, an independent company dedicated to complex dyeing and finishing processes.

“The world of fashion constantly changes,” says Mr. Reggiani. “And we adapt to these changes. We even set up Reggiani Boutique, a division dedicated to timeless, elegant prêt-à-porter fashion made from our own fabrics. However, our core competence has always been the production of high-quality stretch fibers and fabrics. We produce them in all different qualities and weights. This is simply where we are at our best.”

Every season, Reggiani introduces around 400 new articles. “Our collections offer stylists everything they need at competitive prices,” underlines Mr. Reggiani. “We put great emphasis on research and development and try to work out sophisticated and creative solutions. Our best seller is a shirt fabric that has been produced for 40 years now. It guarantees quality and durability and is a flagship product for the company.”

Among Reggiani’s fabrics are wool with lycra, silk with lycra or cotton, cotton with cashmere and lycra, anti-UV fabrics and breathable fabrics. Every single product is 100% made in Italy.

“We have highly qualified and experienced staff and state of-the-art machinery,” points out Mr. Reggiani. “Every season, we present new collections, and every single one is a new challenge.”

When it comes to design aspects, Reggiani relies on a special design department. Reggiani’s creative and innovative products are in great demand in Italy and abroad. 80% of turnover is made up by exports to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, China, Korea and Switzerland.

In the future, Reggiani is keen to enter new markets all around the world, leveraging its core competence as the basis for expansion.

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