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The latest flush for the toilet


A new generation of toilets has already entered the family bathroom, with automatic sensors to raise the lid being just one of the latest features, and it seems that innovation will not stand still over the coming years.

“For the sanitary equipment market, we predict that some day all toilets will be operated without pushing any buttons.  However, most households have not come that far yet. This is why it is essential to raise toilet standards gradually,” points out Rachel Gelernter, President of Regiplast and daughter of the company’s founders.

Since 1988 Regiplast has been in operation as a family business, focusing on the development and distribution of sanitary products, including flush mechanisms, drain systems, toilet seats and bowls as well as waste fittings.

In order to keep up with major shifts in toilet hygiene, Regiplast operates its own engineering team and cooperates with Oliviera & Irma, which manufactures the products that are distributed under the Regiplast brand.

“Production is located in Spain and Portugal, but we operate our company from our premises in Marsac l’Isle in the Aquitaine region,” says Ms. Gelernter.

Currently, Regiplast employs a workforce of 17 people, generating a turnover of seven million EUR. “We are extremely positive about our future. Above all, our power to innovate gives us the confidence to push forward with our corporate development,” adds Ms. Gelernter.

Design and product development are still in the hands of Regiplast. Besides its range of standard products, customization is always an option. A recent project involved the development of toilets installed in a prison. Regiplast won the tender with a bespoke solution.

Another trend which the company follows closely, is high technology that quietly enters modern bathrooms. Regiplast is working on a new system for contactless water supply for toilets, which is to be installed in public buildings. For Regiplast, innovation is a way of life.

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