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Natural nutrition for man, his best friends and the earth


Since 1992, the family firm has been making natural nutritional products designed to enhance the lives of people and animals, support healthy plant growth and improve the condition of the soil.

Following a relaunch in 2003 with a completely new business model, the company has been going from strength to strength. Today, around 70% of its turnover is generated through the sale of pet foods, the largest proportion of which are for cats and dogs, but the portfolio also includes products for small animals.

Maxidog and Maxicat are ranges of wet and dry foods  for dogs and cats, respectively, and come in a wide choice of flavours to suit the most discerning pet. The range of animal products also includes food supplements, chews, treats and care items such as paw balms, all of which are made using completely natural recipes exclusive to Reico.

“We have designated 2017 as the year of the cat and focused our products accordingly,” reveals Owner and Managing Director Konrad Reiber. Central to the range for humans are minerals which create balance and offer preventive solutions for long-term health, encouraging a feel-good factor, and increased energy and overall performance. Better performance is also the goal of the products for horses – in this case, improved sporting performance.

Food supplements are based on herb mixtures which, due to the special milling process, produce an immediate effect. Plant and soil additives are created using special mixtures of algae which encourage growth and provide protection to the plants.

“All our products are made to my own recipes,” points out Mr. Reiber. “I develop the products myself, and then they are manufactured under contract by five different family firms.”

The 2003 relaunch saw Reico move to a direct sales model which is today led by Mr. Reiber together with his two daughters. Sales are undertaken through a network of around 4,000 independent nutrition consultants.

“Our consultants provide competent individual advice and information to end customers who can order from the comfort of their own homes,” explains Mr. Reiber. “By not using traditional retailers, we benefit from unrestricted trading hours, and the personal contact with an advisor builds up strong relationships with our customers. The consultants often sell our products as a sideline. They can decide their level of commitment for themselves. It also provides them with a perfect opportunity to build up their own business at relatively low cost and risk.”

Reico has a comprehensive website with full details of all its products; however, these can only be purchased through a consultant, and thus customers can be assured that they are buying the most appropriate product for their needs. Mr. Reiber is very proud of the consultant network and the working culture that has been created.

“We are like one big family,” he says. “The will and commitment of the whole team is one of the most important factors contributing to our success. Of course, the fact that we have unusual, high-quality products is also very important. The result is that we have gained many long-term customers who are extremely loyal to us and our products.

Reico’s products are currently sold in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovakia, although exports currently make up only 5% of the 23 million EUR annual turnover. For the moment, the focus is firmly on the German market, where the company is the market leader for natural pet foods and food supplements for humans, plants and the soil.

“We want to be the European market leader one day,” stresses Mr. Reiber. “The potential for future growth is enormous. So far we have only scratched the surface. 95% of the market is still to be exploited. This is great news for us because we were one of the first in this sector and have developed tremendous knowledge and experience. Our presence in customers’ homes is a huge advantage. Industrial concerns will never achieve the personal touch of the family firm. Other companies have their products on the market, but we are totally in the market. There is a massive difference.”

Currently employing 50 staff, Reico is about to move into a brand-new office building, which will enable it to double the number of employees. “We want to find new staff who fit well in our company culture. We offer a great working environment, and employees tend to stay with us for many years,” Mr. Reiber points out.

His vision for the future is very clear. Expansion is high on the agenda, and the target is to double the company’s market in Germany in the coming years. In addition, Mr. Reiber is seeking new partners within Europe to increase the percentage of exports. “Things are looking good for us. Everything is moving in very much the right direction,” he sums up. “At the moment, we feel unbeatable.”

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