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Perfect prefabs


REM is a medium-sized enterprise specialized in the production of prefabricated, modular buildings. The company started off in 2001 manufacturing accommodation and sanitary containers. Since then, it has developed into a major supplier of more complex, prefabricated buildings offering complete engineering, planning, consulting, project management and assembly services.

The current manufacturing programme comprises multipurpose accommodation units for office and sanitary applications, mobile homes, combined accommodation units or compounds, such as office buildings, motels, schools or kindergartens, indoor and outdoor equipment for containers, including doors, windows, stairs, furniture and air conditioning appliances, secondary roofs and facades for modular, prefabricated buildings, boxes and garages.

“We are constantly expanding our product range,” says Assistant Director Bruno Čibej. “Our vision is to become one of the leading producers of modular building systems in Europe within the next ten years.” REM is pursuing its vision by providing energy-efficient, environment and user-friendly optimal solutions to solve accommodation problems.

The latest addition to the extensive prefab portfolio is the REM mobile home. Designed to enable the user to spend free time in harmony with nature, the new mobile home comes with a two-axle chassis, which provides the unit’s floor. The floor is heat-insulated, and the walls can be adapted in thickness to meet different environmental conditions.

What sets REM apart from the competition is the fact that it offers expert consulting on the design, planning and construction of prefabricated modular buildings. “We share our knowledge and experience in the area of prefabricated accommodation units with the goal of implementing an optimum solution for the customer, taking into account all user preferences and relevant regulations,” states Mr. Čibej.

REM first produced for the local market. Since 2009 the company has been actively developing foreign markets, starting with Germany, Hungary, Austria and the Benelux. Recently, REM also shipped its modular prefabs to more faraway locations including the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa. The company has its own development team and engineers to manage large-scale projects both at home and abroad.

“We are exporting more and more to Western Europe,” Mr. Čibej describes a current trend. “At the same time, we are increasingly developing the public sector market with prefabricated modular accommodation units for buildings such as schools or kindergartens.”

Another trend in the prefab market satisfied by REM is the development of higher-quality units meeting up-to-date standards of energy efficiency and living comfort. REM supplies building companies, public authorities and other builder-owners.

The company ships more than 90% of its prefabricated buildings abroad, with the main export markets being Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. “The current market situation for prefabricated buildings in Slovenia is difficult,” states Mr. Čibej. “That is why we are concentrating on enhanced internationalization.”

Most of the prefabricated accommodation units supplied by REM are tailor-engineered and made to measure to clients’ specific needs. In addition to production, the Slovenian prefab experts offer a full service package including everything from design and planning to transport and assembly at the required location.

REM wants to achieve slow, sustainable growth in existing markets and develop new markets, too. “We plan to expand our activities in Scandinavia and the Middle East region,” explains Mr. Čibej. “There is currently a building boom in countries such as Iraq and Qatar.”

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