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A question of style and tradition


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Rémy Garnier’s roots date back to 1832 when Rémy Garnier founded the workshop on the Seine’s left bank. Around 1860, he moved to its current location, in Paris’ twelfth arrondissement.

Today, with a headcount of 65 employees and three sites including a second workshop and a foundry, Rémy Garnier successfully combines tradition and modern technologies to create refined ironwork pieces reflecting unique French art de vivre – catalogue or customized products.

Many prestigious hotels and restaurants, palaces and residencies in France and abroad feature Rémy Garnier’s exclusive products. The company operates in a niche market – competitors with similar skills are hard to find.

“We keep working with bronze,” explains Nicolas Merveilleux. “We produce new knobs and fittings and repair and restore old ones. Combining innovative technologies such as 3D printers with manual skills such as turning, chasing, locksmithing and surface polishing is an asset that makes us stand apart. 3D printers are perfect tools to create moulds and prototypes; they optimize processes and improve responsiveness.”

Rémy Garnier puts strong emphasis on tradition – the company has the prestigious EVP label – and is keen to embrace new challenges. When it became part of the Meriguet Group in 2018, a new chapter began.

“Being part of a group that encompasses different know-hows means benefitting from important synergies,” states Mr. Merveilleux. “Moreover, Rémy Garnier itself is in position to cover the entire production chain. If necessary, we realize small order volumes with only two items or make products according to foreign standards. This flexibility is and always will be one of our greatest strengths.”