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The spring of innovation


The RHODIUS spring is about 500 m deep and thus one of the deepest mineral water springs in the world. Filtered through volcanic stone, the water mineralization is unique, with more than 2,160 mg of dissolved minerals per liter. Although that is already sufficient reason for a successful development of the brand, RHODIUS comes up with new ways of surprising its customers with innovative products time and time again.

Mineral water is a popular yet conservative beverage, where innovations are difficult to implement. However, RHODIUS has found a way to distinguish its brand from all the other competitors in the market. “We are providing mineral water in cans,” says Senior Product Manager Lisa Hänsgen, who is also responsible for public relations and marketing of mineral water and mineral water-based soft drinks.

“We are indeed the only company in Germanyoffering canned mineral water. According to the law, the mineral water needs to be filled directly at the spring. Our can is the ideal companion when you are out and about, and we have been very successful with this product.”

In addition to mineral water in classic, medium and natural varieties, RHODIUS also offers a range of soft drinks and other specialties. The latest addition to the portfolio is the brand RHODIUS Water, a collection of sparkling mineral waters with natural fruit extracts. In lime-mint, ginger, and passion fruit flavours, RHODIUS Water is a refreshing alternative to other healthy thirst quenchers.

“The trend is moving towards healthy beverages without additional sugar, sweeteners or additives,” illustrates Ms. Hänsgen. “This is exactly what we are offering. RHODIUS Water is also available in cans as they are lightweight, stable and quickly cooled, for the ideal refreshment in the summer months.”

Another great refreshment in the summer is the company’s range of mate beverages. Under the brand Maya Mate, RHODIUS provides the traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink in cans in Maya Mate and Maya Mate pomegranate flavours.

In February 2018, the company also launched the new Maya Mate Ice Tea with a fruity peach taste, which completes the range of the colourful canned drinks, which are especially renowned among young people. With its Power Point Energy brand, RHODIUS supports the trend for energy drinks, especially for younger consumers. Power Point Energy is available in four variations – Classic, Ice Blue, Raspberry and Woodruff – and provides an energy kick whenever needed.

“We respond to trends in the market and are very flexible when it comes to developing new products according to those trends,” states the Senior Product Manager. “The flat hierarchy and quick decision-making processes within our medium-sized family business are a true benefit, as we only need about six months to launch a new product onto the market. That gives us the possibility to react really fast.”

RHODIUS Mineralquellen und Getränke GmbH & Co. KG has been active in the beverage industry since 1958. What is especially interesting about the history of the company is that it did not start with its own mineral water brand, but with the purchase of the exclusive bottling and distribution rights of the Pepsi Cola brand in 1958.

Since 1974, RHODIUS has been bottling and distributing its own mineral water, fulfilling the highest quality standards. As the first German mineral water, RHODIUS received the quality seal of the SGS Fresenius Institute in 2012. In 2018, this quality seal was expanded to include the certification ‘premium mineral water in organic quality’.

This high quality is a focus throughout the entire portfolio and is especially valued by the consumers of RHODIUS’s products. But also worldwiderenowned brands in the beverage industry such as Pepsi Cola still rely on the company in the area of contract filling.

In the future, the focus will more on the company’s own brands. The trend towards natural mineral water continues, and RHODIUS has a range of high-quality products, which meet the high demands of the consumers.

“We have established a broad range of products, which attract completely different target groups,” says Ms. Hänsgen. “This is really exciting. We are really close to the market and will keep on responding to trends with innovative new products. RHODIUS has been active on the market for many generations, and with Frauke Helf and Hannes Tack of the eighth generation as current Managing Partners, we have another CEO focused on the long-term success of our company.”

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