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Plastic makes perfect


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From automotive to household appliances to the building industry, the applications of Rialti SpA’s polypropylene plastics are seemingly endless. “The business is more than 30 years old but has a different dimension compared to back then. In the beginning, Rialti was quite artisan, but since then, it has changed along with technological advancements,” says Marco Facchin, Rialti’s Sales Manager.

Rialti is proud of its cutting-edge products, especially its recycled line, which is a big reason why the company has attracted business from around the world. “We are very well known and perform well in the sector of recycled materials, and we have an added value for our green policy. The development of our company over the years is reflective of this,” Mr. Facchin points out.

In an effort to improve resource management, energy, cost and consumption, Rialti has innovated recycled compounds that are just as functional as they are green. Rialti manufactures for several different sectors but is particularly established in the automotive industry.

“We are known for the recycled compounds we manufacture for car parts. Most of our turnover comes from the automotive sector, which has always made an effort to incorporate ecological materials and recycled plastic,” Mr. Facchin highlights.

Rialti uses recycled compound formulas as often as possible and reduces the use of virgin materials as much as possible. “Because of this, our company is growing. For example, several materials of ours are officially homologated and certified by the PSA Groupe, Renault and General Motors,” Mr. Facchin adds.

A strong R&D department is largely to thank for Rialti’s green technology breakthroughs. “We have a well-equipped laboratory. Our clients say this is an excellent thing! And it’s an element that distinguishes us compared to other players who also manufacture recycled compounds. We have the capability of elaborating formulas for recycled compounds that can substitute the respective ones which are first choice and with the same technological performance,” underlines Mr. Facchin.

In addition to producing recycled plastics, Rialti has also developed polypropylene compounds that incorporate wood fibers in an effort to expand its green policy further. These advancements and more are paving the way for Rialti to continue making an impact on the future.